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August 19, 2018
El Dorado News Times


Cougars, Quail and Coal

Arkansas cougars: A lot of my column’s email comments have been from what folks are calling the Cougar Column. The emails were full of sightings from nearly every part of the state, and two of the confirmed sightings were in the city limits of Little Rock.

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Feedback: Trump tweets are news

Omarosa Manigault Newman is under President Donald Trump’s thin skin. Sales of her memoir “Unhinged” began last week and the Tweeter-in-Chief wasted no time living up to the book’s title, calling his former reality television peer and political aide a “dog” and “low life.”

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Mining the roots of one Arkansas community

August 1959 was a difficult time for one North Arkansas community. The mine that had long been the focal point of the community of Cushman closed, forcing many men out of work and beginning a decline for the community as it struggled to find new ways of maintaining its economy.

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