Day 39: Addicts and their families

DAY 39: Wednesday, November 8 (Prayer Walk)

TOPIC: Addicts and their Families

SCRIPTURE: 2 Peter 2:19b "For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved."

OBSERVATION: There are so many things that can overcome us. Crush us. Enslave us. For some, chemicals, behaviors or patterns of thinking are debilitating. The substance begins to rule one's life. All else is set aside; mate, children, jobs, friends, extended family... In time all the person's life is absorbed into that behavior or substance. Life is long lost before the body gives out. Everyone associated with the addicted person is damaged. Every relationship taking a beating. To love one addicted is heart wrenching. Only God...

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, we know you came to set the captives free and set at liberty those oppressed. There are those among us enslaved by substances, behaviors or patterns of thinking. Those who love them are oppressed. Please grant freedom. Do what is necessary to open the heart of the addict to Your grace, forgiveness and life. Heal the hearts of those loving the addict. Allow forgiveness and restoration to come from your hand. We pray in Jesus' sweet name.

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