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Competition challenges county’s best math students

by Matthew Hutcheson | January 23, 2023 at 12:00 a.m.
The 10th annual Martha Deichler Math Competition was held Saturday at the El Dorado High School Auditorium. Winners were announced at the end of the contest. (Matt Hutcheson/News-Times)

Union County's best mathematics students gathered in the El Dorado High School Auditorium on Saturday for the 10th annual Martha E. Deichler Union County Math Competition.

The privately-funded competition is held each year to honor the legacy of the late Martha Deichler, a lifelong educator, by family members.

John Deichler said Saturday that three generations of the family were on hand to honor Martha Deichler's legacy and help provide young math scholars an outlet.

John Deichler said that 153 students from across Union County participated in Saturday's events, which pit students ranging from 6th grade to seniors against one another in various mathematics categories.

Cash prizes and medals were given out to each student who placed at the conclusion of the competition.

John Deichler said that increased funding from $2K to over $5K allowed his family to add in four, all-new $500 scholarships. The scholarships were given to four randomly drawn seniors at the end of the event. Names were added to the drawing based on how many years each senior attended the math contest.

A packed auditorium created a decidedly sports-like atmosphere for the proceedings, apart of course from the rigid quiet maintained during the actual competitions, as students, parents and teachers cheered the competitors on.

While the contest's judges calculated the winners, several SouthArk softball players helped host on-stage games for students to take part in during the wait.

The event was also sponsored by the El Dorado Education Foundation, Murphy USA and South Arkansas Community College.

Winners included:

6th grade - Jake Tucker, 1st place; Bradley Marlin, 2nd place; Kate Lee, 3rd place; 7th grade - Ezpkia Stal, 1st place; Emeri Stringfellow, 2nd place; Bryce Taylor, 3rd place; 8th grade - Jaxon Davis, 1st place; Tina Tran, 2nd place; Jarleson Ford, 3rd place; Algebra I - Jackson Brian, 1st place; Abraham Aquriluz, 2nd place; Isiah Robinson, 3rd place; Geometry - Paul Boerwinkle, 1st place; Gideon Moncrief, 2nd place; Samantha Huddleson, 3rd place; Algebra II - Anas Sundrani, 1st place; Spencer Langston, 2nd place; Madeline Aguiluz, 3rd; Statistics - Kieran Obiozo, 1st place; Miriam Hatley, 2nd place; Deandre Bluford, 3rd place; PreCal - Elijah Nareiso, 1st place; Saara Mohondas, 2nd place; Michael Peace, 3rd place; Calculus AB - Sebastian Marquez, 1st place; Kale Dugal, 2nd place; Hunter Nutt, 3rd place; Calculus BC - Levi Shaffer, 1st place; John Stipp Bethune, 2nd place; Dagon Ewing, 3rd place.

The senior scholarship winners were Hunter Nutt, John Stipp Bethune, Mir Ali and Marilyn Graham.

  photo  Members of the Deichler family stand with EHS math facilitator Amber Miller after being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. (Matt Hutcheson/News-Times)

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