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El Dorado game is tough for Scott Reed

by Tony Burns | September 8, 2021 at 9:30 p.m.

Cabot head football coach Scott Reed left El Dorado three years ago, after 10 years and four state championships with the Wildcats. He will host his former team for the second time on Friday.

“It’s a hard week in my house. I follow them all the time,” Reed said. “Every week I check and see how they do. In fact, I talk to those guys, Coach Borosvskis and Coach Johnson, they all send texts and I keep up with them. All summer, I kept up with all the good things they were doing in 7-on-7 and team camps.”

Reed and wife Connie are in their third season at Cabot. Their son Taylor Reed is an assistant coach at Illinois and Lucas Reed is an assistant coach at Rice. Both quarterbacked the Wildcats to state titles.

Coach Reed is a Cabot Panther but some of that El Dorado purple is hard to wash away.

“El Dorado did a lot of things in the summer. My wife is so competitive. She says, ‘El Dorado is doing this and ya’ll aren’t going anywhere this weekend,’” Coach Reed said. “Things are a lot better in my house if we do well. Mrs. Reed is very competitive.

“But, we both have so many good memories. There are kids playing that she had in school. Kathy Sixbey and she worked together for a long time and Patrick’s playing. We’ve watched Sharmon, Jackie and Burns and all those kids develop. I knew they were going to be good players. This is not an easy week for us. It’s not that I’m not glad we’re playing. I think it’s great competition and it’s a really good opponent to get ready for conference play against. I like that part of it. And, it’s good to see all those people. It’s good to see Darrell Easter and Miss Darlene and everybody. That’s good. It’s all positive. It is.”


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