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Burns the focus of opposing defenses

by Tony Burns | December 3, 2021 at 12:40 a.m.

Since earning a scholarship offer by the University of Arkansas as a sophomore, El Dorado receiver DeAndra Burns, Jr., has been on everyone’s radar. Other colleges have taken notice of the junior.

So have the high school defensive coordinators around the state.

Burns has found himself bracketed by opposing defenses on a weekly basis. Safeties routinely lean to his side to help the cornerback.

The result has been huge numbers for the Wildcats’ other receivers. Jackie Washington and Kamron Bibby have both gone over a thousand yards receiving this season.

Burns’ numbers, while good, haven’t been quite as eye-popping - 39 receptions for 827 yards and 10 touchdowns. 

“Right now he’s number three on the team in yardage,” said El Dorado coach Steven Jones. “Everybody knows where DeAndra is at. Other guys have stepped up and made plays. But DeAndra has had an awesome year considering that many people chase him around on every single play.”

It’s not like Burns has been quiet this season. On Friday against Marion, he went up and over a defender to haul in a dazzling 33-yard touchdown reception. 

“The catch he had against Marion on Friday just kind of sums up the kind of player he is. When the football is in the air, he’s going to get it and nobody out there is going to stop him. That’s a fun thing to see,” said Jones.

The Wildcats’ offensive philosophy has been to take what the defense gives them. If the defense is determined to take away one receiver, El Dorado simply chooses another.

That has to be frustrating for a player expected to make explosive highlights?

“No, he’s so humble. I mean, he’s closing in on a thousand yards himself. But, absolutely not. He’s a team guy. All he is worried about is winning,” Jones said. “I think when we look at film, he likes to watch himself block more than he does catching a touchdown. That’s amazing for a receiver. That’s his personality. He’s fun to be around, such a great person and so selfless.”


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