Mayor's moment: The power of prayer

I have often said that for me, being mayor is ministry! The journey to get here was called a "Movement" and I have shared that it was and continues to be a faith walk. I do not now, nor have I ever, taken for granted the power of prayer! It is at the root of my foundation, and I believe that the communication with God is our true guide!

Being in this position of leadership requires the ability to follow. Who should we be following? Government is a hard process. Things change with resolutions, ordinances, bills, laws, rules and votes. Elected officials have platforms to share information, but many times those processes are not well known. The residents may be lost when things change. Who are we following? How are we being led? What do we do when the journey gets confusing?

While I do not claim to know everything about everything -- that would be ridiculous -- I do my best to share what I know. When I share as a leader, I am also following. Prayer is a very important part of the sharing process. There have been times that I had to pray that my heart was heard in my words. I have prayed that my personal feelings are set aside. I continue to pray that how and what I share when giving information is pleasing to God and represents Him well! It is important to me that I exemplify His love in leadership.

This past week and weekend have blessed me in so many ways! During Community Development Institute in Conway at UCA our group did a simulation of a county with three cities represented. Ironically enough, I was elected as the mayor of the fictional city Magnolia! When presented with one of our problems I called for the leader of the faith-based organizations to pray! I believe in the power of prayer! When presented with our strengths assessments I was not surprised that it revealed my faith is strong! My faith in God fuels my desire to continue building bridges to connect us!

Friday, I interviewed a young man whose journey is a true testament to God placing us in positions that He has ordained for us! That inspired me! After that, I was blessed with the opportunity to share some insight with a few young men! That encouraged me! Before the end of the day a gentleman had an appointment with me to share what his organization will be doing in the city. At the end of the meeting, he asked if he could pray for me. That humbled me! Saturday I was blessed to attend two events honoring individuals that spoke well of me in my position! That empowered me! I am known to say that "I do not believe in luck or coincidence! I believe everything is divinely orchestrated by God!" and my life continues to prove that!

We are not here in our positions by accident. We all have a part to play in making things work. We are all gifted to do what needs to be done if we stay the course we have been guided to take. Everyone will not understand, but follow as you lead! My prayer continues to be that we work together. This city deserves our best! I am continually encouraged by the fact that nothing has taken God by surprise! Walk into your destiny with your ministry on purpose and with purpose!