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Ancient Words: His First Coming, King of Kings

by Scott Johnson | November 27, 2020 at 8:30 p.m.

The story of the three Wise Men at Christmas has become entrenched in our holiday period with mystery and legend—some incorrect. Yet, the honest account by the Ancient Words, our Scripture from the Ancient of Days, reveals a magnificent, glorious and powerful miracle of events that only God himself could put together (and would put together) to usher into the world His baby boy, a son and a King.

Were there three Wise Men also called Kings? Maybe, maybe not, yet the “Three” came about from the three named gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh which were delivered to Bethlehem after a long journey from the east. These three gifts, of course, are not random or by accident or coincidence. The three gifts establish and confirm the divine life that is to enter human life — and then to re-enter divine life after his work on earth is finished.

Royalty recognized Royalty and what a travel plan that was! The sign of the Star was seen 2 years prior to the birth and the long trek began that day. What preparations (in faith) must have been in the works for a journey covering thousands of miles without a precise destination (There were two places called Bethlehem) or a precise time of arrival. Psalm 72 is written by king about a coming King using kings of three names: Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son. He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment… He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust. Three kings are named who bring gifts to the King’s son: The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him. The gift of gold is also specifically mentioned: And he shall live, and to him shall be given of the gold of Sheba: prayer also shall be made for him continually; and daily shall he be praised. Even Isaiah confirms that the gold will come from Sheba: The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall shew forth the praises of the LORD (Isa 60:6).

A quick research of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, reveals that Tarshish is an offspring of Japheth, Seba is an offspring of Ham, and Sheba is an offspring of Shem. Since all nations came forth from the sons of Noah, Psalms 72— written by the wisest man ever to live— is completely satisfied by the kings who traveled to Bethlehem to honor the newborn King. Three kings represent the three kingdoms of Noah’s three sons! Herod asked about the newborn King and the people later praised the King, the Son of David, as he entered Jerusalem on a donkey. His cross would bear the inscription “King of the Jews”, and he would leave this earth in power and majesty which no other king ever displayed as all other kings were in their tombs.

The kings (in caravan) (carrying three types of gifts and representing the sons of Noah) enter Bethlehem on the night Jesus the King was born after a two year journey: When they (the kings) had heard the king (Herod), they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child (infant baby) was (in the manger). When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they were come into the house (the place where they were staying, a stable), they saw the young child (infant baby) with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they (the kings) presented unto him (The King) gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh (Mat 2:9-11)

The King is coming back a second time as King of Kings, not on a lowly donkey, but on a majestic white horse: And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war…… And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. Rev 19:11-16


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