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County Arrests

• On Sept. 1, Jason T. Phillips, 37, of El Dorado, was arrested on charges of domestic battery in the third degree, possession of instruments of a crime and theft of property. According to the police report, an officer was advised to be on the lookout for a truck with a woman hanging out of the passenger side yelling for help. The officer saw the truck and made a traffic stop. The driver, Phillips, said the woman passenger had anxiety and he was trying to keep her in the truck. After checking for warrants out on Phillips, one was found and he was placed in the officer’s patrol car. The woman passenger said they had been arguing and Phillips told her not to talk back to him before slapping her across the face. During a search of the truck, the officer found two hypodermic needles and syringes in the side door pocket.

• On Sept. 1, Carl A. Brooks, 28, of Norphlet, was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of a minor. Brooks was driving a moped while intoxicated and wrecked, injuring himself and a young girl that was with him. The young girl’s injuries included abrasions and lacerations to both arms and her left leg. Both were transported to the Medical Center of South Arkansas. When Brooks was leaving the facility to head to the Union County Jail, a hospital employee found a baggie with what appeared to be marijuana on Brooks’ pillow and turned it over to the police.

• On Sept. 2, Melinda K. Stanley, 40, of Smackover was arrested on charges of domestic battery in the third degree. Stanley was involved in an altercation at the home of her boyfriend with his family. According to the police report, after her boyfriend’s nephew fought with his grandmother over skipping some chores she asked him to do, the police were called; upon their arrival, the young man refused to come out to speak with the officers. Stanley said she would go inside and get him and when he did finally come outside, he was covered in scratches and claw marks and was walking with a limp. In speaking with him, officers realized the young man suffered from some sort of developmental disability. He told the officers that Stanley hit and scratched him to try to get him to come outside and that she hit him with a baseball bat immediately prior to him walking outside.

• On Sept. 3, Phillip W. Smith, 43, of North Little Rock, was arrested on a petition to revoke warrant.

• On Sept. 3, Ricky L. Wallace, 61, of El Dorado, was arrested on charges of obstructing governmental operations, refusal to submit to arrest, possession of a firearm by certain persons and terroristic threatening in the first degree. Wallace allegedly threatened to kill his wife. When officers arrived at the scene, Wallace locked himself in his vehicle and sat with a shotgun in his lap despite repeated warnings from the officers to get out of the vehicle. An officer was eventually able to remove Wallace from the vehicle after he unlocked the door. Wallace complained of chest pain upon exiting the vehicle. Officers spoke with his daughter and son-in-law, who said Wallace got the shotgun from his son-in-law’s vehicle. Wallace’s son was also cited at the scene for disorderly conduct after cursing at officers and attempting to tell them what to do.

• On Sept. 4, Alyssa M. Thornton, 27, of El Dorado, was arrested on two petition to revoke warrants.

• On Sept. 6, Rhonda Willoughby, 56, of El Dorado was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing governmental operations. Willoughby was involved in an accident with one other vehicle. She lied repeatedly to officers about who was driving her vehicle during the accident before admitting it was her son and he had been driving on a suspended license. Willoughby, her son and a third passenger admitted to smoking methamphetamine the day prior. An officer noticed that she seemed especially nervous when they approached her vehicle, so, with her permission, they conducted a search. A purse containing a glass smoking device used to smoke meth, a bag containing a crystal substance that appeared to be meth and a bag containing a white residue were found inside the vehicle. Willoughby claimed ownership of the bag and was arrested.

• On Sept. 6, Wesley O. Williams, 38, of El Dorado was arrested on charges of theft of property. He was also charged with a parole violation.

County Reports

• On Sept. 1, a woman reported that a trailer she bought did not belong to the people who sold it to her. She said she found out after buying it that it did not belong to the sellers. She said she paid $3,500 for the trailer.

• On Sept. 1, a man in Strong reported that someone backed their vehicle into his residence.

• On Sept. 1, a woman reported a man threatening her in the Glenn Road area. The woman said the man told her that if she didn’t quit smiling at him he would do to her what he did to another woman.

• On Sept. 1, a woman reported that a man had acted violently towards her in the Old Union area. The woman said she wanted to go back to her hometown and that the man lost his cool at that point, pinning her down and striking her in the face with a suitcase. Red scratches and bumps were visible on the woman’s face and neck. The man was cited for domestic battery in the third degree and failure to comply.

• On Sept. 2, a woman in the Baugh Street area reported a theft of property from her residence. She said a friend was staying with her for about two weeks while she was under a doctor’s care. The woman said she started noticing several items missing and eventually asked her friend to leave. She said her father visited the friend and recovered some, but not all, of the stolen property. The items still missing include a 1.5 carat diamond ring, a 14 carat 20 inch gold rope chain with a duck pendant, 1.5 carat diamond earrings, a gold wedding band, a Jesus Calling leather-bound devotional and a Louie Vuitton drawstring purse. She was also missing 30 50 milligram Vyvance pills and 30 Promethozen.

• On Sept. 2, a man reported that his four wheeler had been stolen. He said the last time he saw it was Aug. 28, when he moved it in order to make space to mow his lawn. He said he couldn’t remember whether he’d left the keys in the ignition or not. The man described the four wheeler as a 2008 Honda Foreman, originally red in color but faded to a pink color, with a custom back rack.

• On Sept. 2, a man in the Parkers Chapel Road area reported someone hitting his fence with their vehicle. He said a woman lived nearby that drove a vehicle with the same color paint as was left behind on the broken fence. Officers found the woman and determined it was her that hit the fence after seeing damage to her vehicle consistent with the fence’s damage. She was cited for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.

• On Sept. 4, a man reported a theft at his property on Old Lock Road. The man said he was missing a boat motor. He described the motor as a 2016 navy blue Tahasu with 20 horsepower with both an automatic and a crank start. The man said the last time he saw the boat motor was Monday, Sept. 3.

• On Sept. 4, a woman reported that several items went missing during a period that she had a home aide working for her. The items she listed as missing were three pairs of leggings (one with ‘Pink’ printed on them), a swim suit, two shirts, one rainbow pink striped Victoria’s Secret handbag, black two-strap sandals, red, white and blue “Miss Me” shorts and a red, white and blue Victoria’s Secret tank top. She was able to provide suspect information.

• On Sept. 5, a woman reported that she was worried her friend was making threats online. She showed officers photos from her friend’s Facebook story which made her think he was planning some sort of violent act. Police spoke to the friend, who was very cooperative and clarified the statements he made on Facebook.

• On Sept. 5, a man was cited for disorderly conduct, speeding, careless driving and driving without a motorcycle driver’s license. An officer observed the man driving 45 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. The officer began attempting to conduct a traffic stop but the man did not stop until he reached a residence on Cedar Street. Throughout the traffic stop, the man repeatedly referred to the officers as “pigs,” saying “he could smell bacon burning.” The man also used a racial slur directed at the officers and signed his ticket with an expletive.

• On Sept. 5, a woman in the Sherwood Lane area reported an attempted break in. She said she saw someone stick their arm through her doggy door in an attempt to open the door. A witness said they saw someone fleeing from the residence in a cut off shirt, blue jeans, boots and a headlamp.

• On Sept. 6, a man reported the unauthorized use of his vehicle in the Mount Holly area. He said his girlfriend took his vehicle without asking and that he needed it for work. He did not wish to press charges, just to find his vehicle. Officers were unable to locate her or the vehicle at her residence.

• On Sept. 6, a man in the Chatnnahatchee Lane area reported a theft. The man said a .38 Special was missing from his home. He said he had recently contracted some home improvements out and two men had started working at his home since the last time he saw the gun.

• On Sept. 7, a man in the Lisbon Road area reported that someone had dug up the culvert on his property. The man said the property next to his was uninhabited but had recently been purchased. The real estate agent involved in the sale said a new culvert would be built once it is dry enough to do so.

• On Sept. 7, several people on McHenry Road reported damaged mailboxes. Four mailboxes were apparently struck with a vehicle. Officers observed tire tracks in a ditch next to where the mailboxes had previously stood. No vehicle parts were able to be located at the scene.

• On Sept. 7, a man reported that his son had stolen several items from his home while he was out of town for about a month. The stolen items included a Hi Point 9 millimeter gun, a two carat solitaire diamond with a 14 carat gold band, a Suzuki DT 25 boat motor, several checkbooks, a battery charger and a Matthews Halon 30 compound bow, along with $1,500 in cash. The physical property was valued at $16,220. The man said he did not want to press charges.

See tomorrow's edition of the News-Times for more police Log.

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