Recruiting picking up for SouthArk sophomores

If there is one obvious benefit from South Arkansas College’s run to the NJCAA Division II Tournament, it’s that the departing sophomores who comprised the core of the team will likely have an opportunity to continue their careers at four-year schools.

SouthArk coach Cam Robinson said the event was a great atmosphere for the players.

“Coaches galore,” Robinson said. “There was a bunch of coaches there. It was not a situation where you’ve got four or five courts and the coaches can pick which games they want to watch. There was one court, so they’re forced to watch you. Most of the time, coaches have a list of players that they want to see and what time they play. 

“There were a number of D-1, D-II, I think some NAIA coaches were there. It was a good environment. For players, it was something that was very motivating. That’s something that you talk about in the recruiting process, ‘I want to be recruited and I want to play in front of coaches.’ Great atmosphere.”

For Robinson, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the team returned home nearly two weeks ago, and he said on Monday that players have received 35 offers altogether.

“Recruiting has skyrocketed,” Robinson said. “There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t talked to multiple coaches. Since I got back, I’ve told myself to go home, chill, watch TV, but by the time I sit down, a coach has called me. Then I hang up and press play, and another coach will call. 

“I’m getting text messages and phone calls and stuff on social media from coaches that have interest in the players, so the phones have been blowing up. Guys have been getting offers by the day. More interest has been coming. It’s been good. It’s been nothing but positivity. 

“Obviously, a lot of appreciation from people at the school that have been supporting us from the beginning. I’m trying to get a lot of stuff taken care of for the future dealing with the players that are here. We lost the majority of our team, so I’m trying to put them in the loop to set up their future.”

Robinson said there has also been interest in players looking at SouthArk as well.

“It’s been there a little bit,” Robinson said. “People have been throwing players at me and it’s kind of normal throughout the year where kids that are overlooked are going to hit you up about trying to play. I think it’s been about normal. 

“I say it’s still kind of tough because our scholarship situation is not up to par to being able to get what it is we need for that next step where we’re going to make something happen. It’s been cool as far as the players.”

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