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Trojans ready for rematch with Bears

by Jason Avery | September 22, 2022 at 12:00 a.m.

As Parkers Chapel soldiers on in its first season of eight-man football, coach Elliot Jacobs continues see improvement from his underclassmen.

On Friday night, the Trojans get their second opportunity against Woodlawn, who knocked off the Trojans 42-28 earlier this month at Victor Nipper Stadium.

Game time is set for 7 p.m.

The Trojans (0-4) fell to 2021 2A state runner-up Mountain Pine 68-30 last week, while the Bears (2-0) topped Brinkley 20-12 to stay undefeated.

Senior quarterback Jaxson Martin guides the Bears’ offense, and he will be a focal point for the Trojans’ defense.

In their first meeting, Dyson Dougan threw three touchdown passes for the Trojans, but it wasn’t enough.

“They have a real athletic quarterback. They have a really good running back and good size on the offensive line,” Jacobs said of the Bears. “I thought our defense played well. They beat us by two scores, but one was a cheap one late, so it was a one-score game there for a long time.

“Watching film, our kids realized that we made a lot of mistakes. They’re a good team. They beat us, but we helped them out by making those mistakes. We watched a lot of film from the last time we played them, so we’ll see if we learned from it and give them a better game.”

While it would be easy to assume that the game between the Trojans and Red Devils last week was a shootout, Jacobs disagreed.

“Not really a shootout,” Jacobs said. “We caught a little bit offensively there late in the second quarter. We felt pretty good, but their offense is better than us. There’s nothing our kids or coaches can do about it. They’re that good offensively. For us offensively, our sophomores are starting to figure out a few things, and that’s part of our team as a whole. 

“We’re playing a lot of young kids, so you’re going to have that learning curve. We’re starting to see some of them mature a little bit and hopefully when we go back to Mountain Pine in a couple of weeks, if they want to score 100, they might be able to, but again, we don’t care about wins and losses, we care about playing our best football, and I thought we played pretty good last Friday. They’re just that much better than us.”

Jacobs said the Red Devils’ athleticism was a major factor in the game.

“They’ve got about four guys that are faster than anybody we can put on the field,” Jacobs said. “I love my kids to death, but we don’t have anybody with that kind of speed. Woodlawn has got a guy that fast, so we can kind of contain him when it’s one guy. When they’ve got three or four guys with that kind of speed, again, we love our kids, but there’s no way we can compete with that.

“It’s just impossible. Our kids were in the right position, but they were more athletic than us, so they’re going to make the plays. That’s what we had to tell our kids, ‘Be in the right position. If they beat you, they beat you, but be in the right position.’ For the most part we were last Friday.”

Jacobs added that he wants to see the Trojans continue to improve.

“It doesn’t matter who we play, I just want to see us get better,” Jacobs said. “I want to see us compete and execute. Each week, we’ve gotten a little bit better at that. Obviously, it matters who we play, but at the same time, we feel like we can compete with anybody on our schedule. It’s just about us being us and doing the things that we’re coached to do. Once we see that across the board, now we’re going to be able to give ourselves a chance to win some football games.”

If the Trojans are to top the Bears, Jacobs said his team must do two things.

“No turnovers on offense and get six stops on defense,” Jacobs said.


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