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House fire kills 1; cause under investigation

by Caitlan Butler | September 22, 2022 at 12:00 a.m.

An investigation has been opened into a fatal house fire that occurred last week on Norsworthy Street, El Dorado Fire Chief Chad Mosby said.

He said El Dorado firefighters responded last Friday morning to the fire, which broke out at a vacant home. Mosby said he believes illegal tenants might have been staying in the residence.

One person's remains were found in the house. They were not able to be identified at the scene. Union County Coroner Stormey Primm could not be reached Wednesday afternoon, but Mosby said the victim's remains were likely transported to the State Crime Lab for identification.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, Mosby said, and an investigation into the cause is ongoing. The house was not connected to utilities, he said, so it was likely started by activity at the residence.

"There was no indication that it was nefarious," Mosby said. "Our arson investigators processed the burned out remains of the rear of the house and then sent those, turned those over to the police department for evidence. All that is in the detectives' division now, if at some point they think there's reason to think it was something nefarious."

Capt. Scott Harwell, chief detective at the El Dorado Police Department, could not be reached Wednesday to provide an update on the investigation.

Mosby said the EFD responded to the fire immediately upon dispatch and got the fire under control "fairly quickly."

Print Headline: House fire kills 1; cause under investigation


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