COVID-19 cases in the community Aug. 4, 2022

Below are the number of COVID-19 cases, active cases, and deaths recorded on Thursday, August 4, 2022 in Union County, Arkansas, the United States and the world. Additionally, local and state testing, recovery, hospitalization and vaccine information is provided.

The data was gathered from the Arkansas Department of Health for Union County and Arkansas, and from Johns Hopkins University for the U.S. and world.

Union County

10,162 cases (+23)

225 active cases (-2)

9,751 recoveries (+25)

184 deaths (+0)

42,789 vaccine doses administered (-47)*

46.8% county population fully immunized

72,482 tests reported

62,001 negative test results

In the Southwest hospital region of the state, where Union County sits, 47 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19 Thursday, including four in intensive care units and one on ventilator support.


908,390 cases (+1,438)

191,469 pediatric cases (+249)

13,923 active cases (+30)

2,294 active pediatric cases (+59)

882,492 recoveries (+1,399)

11,745 deaths (+9)

408 hospitalized; 62 in ICUs; 17 on ventilator support

4,287,387 vaccine doses administered (+2,144)

1,652,249 Arkansans fully immunized (+467)

7,281,510 tests reported

6,349,996 negative test results

United States

91,895,257 cases

1,032,581 deaths


581,226,030 cases

6,411,386 deaths

* Danyelle McNeill, a spokesperson for the ADH, said previously that any time the number of vaccine doses administered drops in a county, it is because the doses were mistakenly attributed to the county or were moved to another county.

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