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El Dorado's defense shines in playoff victory over Lake Hamilton

by Tony Burns | November 23, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.

It’s a safe bet most of El Dorado’s football coaches and none of the players know Rodney Dangerfield. The late comedian made a career playing the “no respect” card.

The Wildcats’ defense, overshadowed by the offense all season, were motivated by a perceived lack of respect in the win against Lake Hamilton.

“I think our guys have been underrated all year,” said defensive coordinator Trey Outlaw. “We had a big point of emphasis of playing with a chip on our shoulder. Mondays, we have defensive meetings with the players and we talk about the focus of the week. This focus was playing with a chip on our shoulder.”

Outlaw talked about where the Wildcats’ chip originated.

“The coaches scouted Lake Hamilton last Friday against West Memphis. You’re driving home and you’re listening to Drive-Time Sports and stuff. The guys who host that show made the comment, ‘The first team to 50 is going to win this game.’ We used that for motivation with our kids this week,” he explained. “We’d randomly yell out the word, ‘fifty.’ We used that almost like a battle cry for our guys. That, hey, you’re not getting the respect you deserve and you’d better do something about it if you want it. I think they did a great job of rallying behind that.

“What’s funny is we’re playing Marion and I think they’re a real good team. They’ve obviously done something to turn it on in the last few weeks since we’ve seen them. They’ve scored 40-plus points a game. That same radio show made the comment that he hopes there’s enough light bulbs for the scoreboard for all the points Marion is going to score next Friday. That will be another point of emphasis Monday in our team meeting. Really appreciate news companies outside of South Arkansas motivating our kids, that’s for sure.”

Whether the lack of respect for the Wildcats’ defense is real or imagined, it worked against the Wolves. They’d like to get disrespected all the way to War Memorial Stadium.


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