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Local luxury detergent company to hold first business convention

by Marvin Richards | May 28, 2021 at 8:30 p.m.

Locally-owned and El Dorado-based Topanga Scents will be holding its first convention for the company’s national distributors that promote and sell its luxury detergent and products on the weekend of June 11-13. The name of the convention will be “Welcome Home: 2021 Topanga Scents Convention” as a way to pay homage to El Dorado being the base for the company and to highlight local business, said Brooke Bonsall, the convention chairperson.

“We try to support as many local and American companies as possible when buying raw materials,” Bonsall said. “All of our products are made in El Dorado in our warehouse.”

Company creator and co-owner Seth Williams was inspired in 2017 after smelling the scent of a luxury detergent on someone he encountered in the store. After starting to buy luxury detergents himself, he realized how expensive they were and decided to create a luxury detergent brand of his own that was more affordable.

Williams started making his luxurious smelling detergents and sharing them with family and friends and received a lot of positive feedback, Bonsall said.

“As he continued making them, the demand increased,” Bonsall said. “So he decided to reach out to his sister-in-law Erin Williams and she decided she wanted to invest in the business. “

Erin Willams came onboard as a co-owner, and after testing their products in different markets, the two decided to go with a direct seller approach to getting the products out to people. By the summer of 2019, numerous distributors joined the newly found company to sell and promote the detergents.

“It took off from there,” Bonsall said. “The pandemic actually boosted our sales because more and more people were shopping online. Also, we gained distributors because people were looking for another source of income as some jobs went under during the pandemic.”

The company sells fabric sprays, detergents, soaps, lotions and more. Some of the luxurious scents featured in the products include orchid, sandalwood, different citrus notes, amber, fig, patchouli and more. The scent of the products are highly fragrant and are designed to be long lasting, Bonsall said. The products are also plant based, sulfate- and paraben-free and don’t contain alternate brighteners, dyes or preservatives.

Topanga Scents has over 2,000 distributors in Arkansas alone, and 5,000 distributors across the country in 47 different states. As a way to train employees and celebrate and honor the hard work and success of the company and its distributors, the idea of holding this convention came to fruition.

“We wanted to bring as many of our distributors here as possible to see where it all started and to meet Seth and Erin,” Bonsall said. “We also want to promote our town and use local printers, local vendors and give those vendors an opportunity to promote and sell their products at our market that is going to be on Sunday of the convention weekend.”

Welcome Home: 2021 Topanga Scents Convention Schedule

  • Friday, June 11, 6 to 9:30 p.m.: Topanga Scents Awards and Recognition Gala at the El Dorado Country Club (Black tie, ticketed event)
  • Saturday, June 12, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Full day of sessions, speakers, etc for distributors at the El Dorado Conference Center
  • Sunday, June 13, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Hometown Market at Topanga Scents, 175 McKemi Rd. in El Dorado (come and go for our distributors)

The convention will feature speakers including El Dorado’s own and author Shaneil “PJ” Yarbrough. Friday night’s gala will honor some of the top selling distributors of the company. Sunday’s hometown market will allow convention attendees to tour the company’s warehouse and check out other local El Dorado businesses that will be stationed there.

The deadline to register and attend the convention is June 1. The convention is limited to distributors, so if interested in becoming a distributor and attending the convention, visit topangascentsconvention.com and if interested in purchasing any of Topanga Scents products and be matched with a local distributor, visit topangascents.com

“We are not some big company, we have a small business mentality,” Bonsall said. “We still have people hand pouring and hand measuring our products. We want people to know where their products are made. There is a face behind these products, not just a label.”


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