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Burgers for boxes for babies

by Caleb Baumgardner | June 10, 2021 at 8:30 p.m.

I don’t know what your lunch plans are for Sunday, Faithful Reader, but I have an idea for you. You need a burger. More specifically, you need a burger that I helped cook. And you need it this Sunday.

Why is that, you ask?

To help babies and their moms.

Here’s the deal:

The Knights of Columbus are helping to raise money to put a baby box in the fire station over on East Hillsboro. A baby box is an approximately $10,000 machine that is designed to hold a newborn infant in safe, secure, climate-controlled conditions. Cities and towns around the country are installing them in fire stations, police stations and other locations so that mothers who give birth to children that they are physically, mentally or financially unable to raise can leave them in a place anonymously without question, judgment or criminal liability. Baby boxes are checked daily and any babies found in them are immediately taken to the hospital for examination and delivered into foster care.

Baby boxes were designed with both babies and their moms in mind, to give them a way to ensure that their baby will be cared for if they can’t do it themselves.

The thing is, as I said, baby boxes cost money. That’s where the Knights of Columbus (and you) come in.

We will be cooking burgers and hot dogs at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church this Sunday, June 13th. The church is located at 440 West Main Street in El Dorado. We have two Masses every Sunday morning, one in English and one in Spanish. English Mass is at 9 a.m. and Spanish Mass is at 11 a.m. We will be serving burgers and hot dogs after each Mass. Mass, for you non-Catholics, usually lasts an hour or so. So if you get out of church between 10 and noon, or if you’re hungry and not doing anything else on Sunday morning, come get your lunch; $10 will get you a sack lunch with a burger, a hot dog, a bag of chips and a cookie. All proceeds go to buying the baby box.

When I wrote about the catfish fundraiser earlier this year, you really turned out, Faithful Readers. It was the most successful fundraiser our Knights of Columbus council ever had. Y’all set a record. I bragged on all of you. Truly. So come on out this Sunday. I know you’ve got it in you, good people. Just be sure to get here before the clock gets close to 1 p.m. or we may be out of food. I would hate for you to leave empty handed.

If you can’t come, or are not carnivorous but still want to help, I have a way for you to do that, too. Hannah Pregnancy Resource Center, located here in El Dorado, is raising funds for the baby box. I am sure they will be glad to take a donation from you. You can reach them at 870-862-1317. If you can’t get a burger, give them a call.

So come get some burgers. It’s for a good cause.

See y’all Sunday.

Caleb Baumgardner is a local attorney. He can be reached at [email protected]


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