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Letters to the Editor, July 18, 2021

July 18, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.

To the Editor:

The recent uprising in Cuba,is not unlike Tianmean Square in China in 1989.It was a revolt against failed economic policies produdcing a sick economy.The so called economic reforms enacted in Cuba,in recent decades,did not bring down triple digit inflation and lead to job creation.They only presreved the political interests of an aging and insecure politburo.The US and allies should have supported the prerevolutionary government of Cuba.The US should have never closed it’s doors to Cuban trade.Rather,,help Cuban citizens make ends meet.The UN Security Council,and the Carter Center should push for a new democraitc constitution,as well as calling for free and fair elections.A free Cuba will mean a better economy for Cuban citizens.

Leslie Putman

El Dorado

Dear Editor;

The question has been asked, “Is the El Dorado News Times a good paper”? The answer is, not really. Recently a story was about the Masonic lodge here in town. The headline used the word “Peak” to indicate seeing inside the lodge. “Peak” is a mountain top, like “Pike’s Peak.” To see, the word would be “Peek.” There has also been the same story repeated twice in the same paper. Usually just a page or two apart. The ENT seriously needs to hire someone to proof read the paper! For that matter, the writer’s should have a Journalism or at least a writing degree.

News outlets of all types should be at all times, neutral! They should never take sides so they can investigate all sides. The ENT is fairly liberal and is not very trustworthy.

The City has recently had to seek a new CPA to hire, claiming the financial record is in need of straightening out. I have said for several years now that the IRS and State police needs to do a forensic investigation of the City for the last twenty years! How much money has the City stolen from various accounts and given to MAD? For the first time in forty years, Fifth Street is getting repaved! Did it really take that long to save the money? And why? Do we even have a Street department?

It’s been brought up that Hartsell pest control gets paid more than the Mayor. And what does the Mayor do, or has done? Who was she before she became Mayor? I had never heard of her, and I read the ENT daily, despite its shortcomings! And the person who complains most, is proud that he has been a bump on the City Council for fifteen more years than he should have! I don’t see him catching dogs or rabid animals! Mr. Hartsell has been running a business, and employing people, paying taxes etc. Does the Mayor run a business? Or the councilmen who complain about what he gets paid? He submitted a bid for the office of dog catcher. The City agreed to the amount. Now they are trying to break their legal contract! Why? Sounds illegal to me! And very underhanded. Maybe they need to be voted out at long last!


Richard K. McMurry

El Dorado


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