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New local business to spotlight nonprofits

by Matt Hutcheson | January 17, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.
Steadfast Supply and Company co-founder Kaila Emery, right, discussed foster care organization The CALL with coordinator Karen Hicks, left, on Tuesday. The store will donate 20% of monthly profits to a sponsored nonprofit. (Screengrab)

El Dorado couple Kaila and Joshua Emery have long-dreamed of opening a store together, but it was only recently that a shape and a mission began to take form.

The couple is structuring their online boutique, Steadfast Supply and Company, to assist organizations that serve the local community.

“We decided to make an online boutique, but instead of just having an online store we wanted to use the platform for nonprofits,” Emery said.

Each month, 20% of the store’s profits will go towards the currently sponsored nonprofit. Additionally, the store’s website will feature links to donate to the featured nonprofit, encouraging shoppers to help the cause even if they don’t purchase an item.

On Wednesday, the store’s Facebook page featured an interview between Kaila Emery and Karen Hicks, Union County coordinator of the store’s first sponsored nonprofit, The CALL.

“We’re focusing on The CALL right now. I was talking with Karen at the start of the pandemic and she made a comment about nonprofits, about how can they go on if no one is giving? We’ll be focusing on The CALL for six months and launching based on them,” Emery said.

The CALL of Union County is a nonprofit that focuses on recruiting, training and supporting foster families in the county.

In the video, Emery questioned Hicks about The CALL’s work in the community and the purpose of the organization.

“The CALL itself, and what they do, gives me chills. We were foster parents when we lived in Tennessee and didn’t have support systems like The CALL. When we moved here and saw the CALL, it was inspiring. We want our business to be almost like a never-ending fundraiser, and to love others and serve,” Emery said.

Emery said that she and her husband call their store a “project of love,” and have made a point of reaching out to small producers and friends for products and services.

“We’ll have clothing for men and women and products for kids. We have bought a lot of goods from small businesses, like jewelry made by a mom who runs her own jewelry store and another business that helps a non-profit that helps with human trafficking. We also had friends make the artwork,” said Emery.

Emery said that the store will also have clothing of all sizes in an effort to cater to anyone.

The CALL will remain the sponsored nonprofit for six months.

“My mom and dad taught me to serve community first. So, for the first year and maybe the next year too, God-willing, we’d like to focus on where we are,” Emery said.

The store will officially launch on February 1 at www.steadfastsupplyandcompany.com


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