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Smackover Council accepts police vehicle bid

by Matt Hutcheson | February 10, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

Smackover City Council held its latest monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m. at city hall.

The meeting began with the approval of the monthly financial report, the previous meeting’s minutes and the paying of monthly bills.

The first item of new business was the reading of a bid for three new Smackover Police Department vehicles.

Bids were sought following the council’s Jan. 11 meeting after the council was informed that three high-mileage police vehicles needed to be replaced.

The city received one bid for new police cars from Smackover Motors.

The bid was for three 2021 white Police Package Ford Explorers at a price of $36,165 per vehicle.

A motion to accept the bid as read passed unanimously. Smackover Mayor Bobby Neal said the vehicles would be purchased through the capital improvement fund.

“It could be anywhere from a month to six months before we get them in,” Neal noted.

The next item of new business centered around potential work on Main Street, although no motion was made regarding the work during this meeting.

“It’s mainly Main Street, I’d like for us to advertise for bids for it next month.We either have to take out the crepe myrtles in the middle [of the street] or slant the parking spaces more so people don’t drive up on the sidewalk… If we take the trees out, it will give us more room [in the street],” Neal said.

Neal asked the council to consider a course of action on the street work.

Last, Council Member Paul Givens informed the council of several local residents raising money to refurbish a basketball court on Martin Luther King Drive.

Givens said plans included enlarging the court, replacing the goals and adding water fountains.

Council members agreed to assist with refurbishment of the basketball court and a motion to commit to helping complete the project passed unanimously.

Meeting documents included a report of SPD activity in January.

Last month, the SPD responded to 56 calls, submitted 3 misdemeanor and one felony incident reports, four accident reports, made two misdemeanor and two felony arrests, completed 1,277 security checks, made 65 traffic stops and issued 26 traffic tickets and 55 warning tickets, responded to five alarms and completed 17 assists and one escort.

The next Smackover City Council meeting will be held Monday, March 8.


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