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El Dorado counting on Walter to anchor offensive line

by Tony Burns | August 30, 2021 at 9:00 p.m.

El Dorado’s football team this season, will be as successful as its offensive line. That’s a heavy statement to put on one single group. Offensive line coach Kris Borosvskis welcomes the challenge for a couple of reasons.

A. He knows how hard his unit has worked in the off-season both in the weight room and on the field.

B. He knows what kind of a leader he has in senior Devin Walter.

Walter, a three-year starter, will anchor the Wildcats’ line at left guard. The 300 pounder won’t be mentioned in many headlines this season. But he will play a huge role in the team’s success.

“Devin is a returning All-State guard. He’s definitely the leader of our group as far as experience goes. He plays at a different level,” said Borosvskis. “He’s coming along in taking on a role to take some of these inexperienced guys into being able to play on Friday, taking that leadership role.”

Walter, whose brother Denzel is a defensive lineman at Henderson State, has already worn the leadership hat for the Wildcats. Head coach Steven Jones said he’s led by example.

“Devin quietly comes in every day and does exactly what we ask him to do, working hard,” said Jones. “He is a quiet kid but when the football is snapped, he is aggressive. I just think that he, strength-wise, has continued to improve in that area. He moves very well for a big guy. You pair strength and athleticism up front and you’re going to have a pretty good offensive lineman. That’s what Devin has turned into. We’re expecting a big year from him. I think Devin will play on Saturdays. His older brother is at Henderson, right now, as a defensive lineman. I think he’ll get an opportunity as well. He just quietly does everything right. He’s an explosive guy, gets his hands on a (defensive) lineman and they’re going to have some trouble.”

El Dorado has potent weapons at receiver and quarterback. The Wildcats hope to unlock more of a rushing attack this season.

“I think Devin is probably a better run blocker, which is typical of any guard with the frame that he has,” said Borosvskis. “He’s probably a little better in the run game but he’s worked hard in the off-season to improve his pass protection as well. We don’t have any issue asking him to pass block. We think he does a good job with both.”

In El Dorado, more eyes than normal will be focused on the offensive line this season. Some of those eyes might be surprised at what they see when gazing in Walter’s direction.

“He’s a guy that doesn’t say a whole lot. He doesn’t talk a whole lot. But he punches his timecard in every day,” said Borosvskis. “He is extremely strong, extremely physical. He has great feet. But, he understands how me complements the guy next to me. So if I’m playing guard, I’m complementing the tackle or I complement the center and don’t try to overpower one or the other. We work together on certain things. He is definitely going to be the anchor of the (offensive) line.”


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