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City of Strong accepts two land donations

by Matt Hutcheson | April 13, 2021 at 12:25 a.m.

The Strong city council met on Thursday, April 8, and accepted the donation of two parcels of land in the city by a local family.

The specific locations of the properties are 138 E. 4th St. and 306 N. Concord Ave.

Council members unanimously approved a resolution accepting both properties.

Recorder/treasurer Latosha Gatson read the resolution in its entirety before council members made the motion and accepted it.

“Resolution 613 [is] a resolution accepting a donation of land from the Nash family; whereas the city of Strong is generally authorized to accept donations of real and personal properties for the benefit of its citizens,” the resolution begins.

Mayor Daryell Howell said the city has specific plans for both properties.

“We previously spoke with the [Strong-Huttig School District] on trying to put a computer lab [on one of the properties]… and, on the other one, the plan is to develop some kind of housing. Those are the reasons [the Nash family] was motivated to donate the properties and we’ll keep you updated on that,” Howell said.

The 4th Street location would host the computer lab, while the other location would be used to develop housing.

“The initial discussion was to use buildings the [school district] has, temporary buildings they took offline. At one point the [district] had them on sale but no one bid on them and they’re still there. The plan is to get the house [on the property] torn down and get some of those buildings over there and create the computer lab,” Howell said.

A computer lab, Howell said in an interview after the meeting, would be particularly useful for students in more rural areas who may not have access to reliable high-speed internet.

Howell added that he expects the project will involve a partnership between the city and the school district.

Howell said the city is grateful for the donations.

“We’re certainly appreciative to the Nash family for the donations and for helping with the development of the city in this way,” Howell said.


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