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El Dorado girls' soccer wins at Lake Hamilton

by News-Times staff | April 6, 2021 at 7:25 p.m.

PEARCY – El Dorado girls’ soccer coach Neville Matthews didn’t sound like a coach whose team had just posted a 7-0 league win at Lake Hamilton on Tuesday. The Lady Wildcats improved to 3-1 in conference play.

El Dorado led 3-0 at the half but Matthews wasn’t impressed.

“The first half was dragging. We kind of played to the level of the competition,” he said. “We weren’t playing our game at all. I wasn’t happy with the game we played at all. We’re way better than we played today. I felt like we played down to the competition.”

Marleigh Bonsall scored four goals to lead the Lady Wildcats. Caroline Meadows scored two and London Ingram added a goal.

Matthews said El Dorado peppered Lake Hamilton’s goal for 32 shots in the first half but only found the net three times.

“They were on goal. We were kicking them straight to the keeper. There were some good cannons. The keeper made some good saves. The keeper kept them in the game. They had a good keeper. She was making some good saves. She saved some I thought would be in the back of the net,” said Matthews. “But I felt like we played way down. We are way better than we played. If we played like this against another team, I think we probably would’ve lost.

The score was good, but I’d rather have a score 1-0 and play well than score seven goals and play as bad as we did. I’ll take a loss and play well than take a win and play horrible.

“But this was just an off day. I’ll chalk it up to that.”

Did the team play better after intermission?

“They played better in the second half. After I chewed their butts out, they played a whole lot better in the second half,” he said. “They picked it up. But we’re keeping teams in the game when we’re doing that. We’re giving away goals. We need to put teams away early. That’s what is killing us. We need to put them away early.”

The Lady Wildcats are scheduled to host White Hall on Friday.


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