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HOT SPRINGS – El Dorado’s varsity cheerleaders claimed their second title in the Southern Spirit Federation Virtual Competition. The Lady Wildcats filmed their performance Wednesday in the El Dorado High School Outdoor Facility and the results were announced Sunday.

El Dorado took first place in the Cheer Game Day Division 5A-6A with Texarkana finishing second.

“We pulled off another win,” said El Dorado coach Tab Bledsoe, who explained the difference between a virtual performance and competing in front of a live crowd.

“It’s much harder to get a high score virtually as it is much harder to get hyped up when there is no audience or fans to lead. Trying to keep high energy with no crowd is a hard task. While you can take more than one video and choose which to submit, you cannot put the extra energy in with no audience to feed off of.

“In person you know you only get one chance, and it helps you put a little extra into a performance, and also a crowd to feed off of.”

The Lady Wildcats have two competitions remaining, December 5 at Lake Hamilton and the state competition in Hot Springs on December 19.

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