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SAMA Healthcare Services announced last week the launch of its TeleMedicine services, which will allow SAMA providers and patients to connect virtually, without the risk of in-person appointments.

The addition of TeleMedicine to SAMA’s services is in part a response to the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting communities around the globe.

TeleMedicine is a combination of video and phone calls to assess and treat patients without their needing to come into the office, which will cut down on exposure for patients and health care workers alike. In order to receive this service, one must be a current patient at SAMA and have a cell phone with a camera or a home computer or laptop with a camera and microphone. For new patients, an initial in-person visit is required before utilizing the TeleMedicine services

“We want to do everything we can to keep our patients and our staff as safe as possible as we work to combat this national and global crisis,” SAMA CEO Pete Atkinson said. “We have prepared for this situation and have taken every precaution possible to protect our patients, staff and community. We are excited to offer TeleMedicine as a way for our patients to receive the care they need without unnecessary risk during the coronavirus outbreak.”

To schedule a virtual appointment with a SAMA provider, patients can call or text (870) 862-2400. SAMA will then follow up with a text or an email and instructions. The patient will then speak with the provider through video chat using either a phone, tablet device or computer. A TeleMedicine consultation will have a copay like a normal office visit.

“We can do most of what we normally do in the office over a video call,” Atkinson said. “And, virtual appointments will make sure we can continue to see our patients without placing them or our staff at added risk.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call or text (870) 862-2400 or visit

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