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It is said every cloud has a silver lining. Smackover girls’ basketball coach Makara Frazier may have discovered something positive during the COVID-19 shutdown.

In her first season as coach, Frazier guided the young Lady Buckaroos to an 11-14 season. Smackover dropped three of its last four games and she was anxious to hit the off-season running in order to improve for next year.

Due to the coronavirus shutting everything down, Frazier said she was forced to re-evaluate her situation.

“Honestly, the coronavirus slowed down a lot of what I had planned for the off-season. Right before our school was shut down, I was getting things ready for the summer and making much needed immediate changes to our program,” said Frazier. “Though I was frustrated at first, it was really what we needed. I may have been moving too fast in regard to what we need right now as a program so the virus sort of forced me to strip everything back and then move from there.”

Frazier said the Lady Bucks will work on building a fundamental base for the program.

“For the summer I plan to sort of take it all the way back to the basics,” she said. “We're going to do a lot of fundamental work and breaking the game down to its simplest form, so that when we are able to do more hands-on activity, we will be able to do so more effectively.”

The Lady Bucks have been able to stay in touch with one another during the quarantine. The coach said she is looking forward to getting back onto the court with the entire group as they build for the future.

“For the most part, I have communicated with my players pretty much the whole time we have been out of school,” she said. “This off-season the focus is really just on ball handling and reading the defense. The plan this summer is to build upon fundamentals so that we can increase our basketball IQ.”

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