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story.lead_photo.caption installation: Election Systems Software Senior Field Service Technician Julian Hendrickson completes the installation of a new DS2000 tabulator last year for Union County.

Union County voters will decide several local races during next month’s primaries, but can start voting as early as next week.

Early voting begins Tuesday at the Union County Clerk’s Office, and Election Commission Chairperson Janelle Williams said voters will be able to vote between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the week and 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday through 5 p.m. March 2.

This year, voters will be able to vote anywhere in the county at new voting centers.

“With it being voting centers, the people that turn out may be different,” Williams said. “You may have some that didn’t get a chance to vote and now they get a chance so they can come out. That may make a difference in our voter turnout.”

According to Alice Lowery in the county clerk’s office, after primary voting registration was over, the county has 14,853 active voters and 12,437 inactive voters. That totals 27,290 citizens registered to vote in the county — according to the 2017 U.S. Census, there are 39,449 people in the county.

Lowery said if inactive voters don’t vote this year, they’ll likely have to re-register.

“Any election is important,” Williams said. “We were given that right a long time ago.”

A position on the Union County Quorum Court, an El Dorado City Council seat and one in Strong’s municipal government will be decided in the preferential primary March 3.

Former El Dorado Mayor Frank Hash will go up against incumbent Ward 1, Position 2 Councilmember Billy Blann in the Republican primaries for the city council seat, and Donnie Crawford will challenge incumbent District 9 Justice of the Peace William Crowder.

Democrats Latasha Gatlin and incumbent Allison Howell will face off for Strong’s Recorder/Treasurer position.

Keidra Burrell and Garry L. Smith will compete for the Democratic ballot to face incumbent state Sen. Trent Garner in November.

All absentee ballots are due Feb. 25 by fax or mail to the county clerk’s office. They will be opened election day, March 3, at 10 a.m.

Voting on Election Day voting will begin at 7:30 a.m. and last until 7:30 p.m. There are 19 voting centers throughout the county and are located at the following places for the precinct:

  • Aurelle, New London, Strong - Strong Community Center at 9400 Strong, Hwy in Strong
  • Country Box 1, Country Box 7, Hibanks - South Arkansas Community College - East Campus at 3696 E Main in El Dorado
  • Country Box 2, Caledonia - Mt. Union Baptist Church at 653 Mt. Union Rd in El Dorado
  • Country Box 3 - Parkers Chapel First Baptist Church at 2975 Haynesville Hwy in El Dorado
  • Country Box 4, Country Box 6 - Wyatt Baptist Church at 4621 West Hillsboro in El Dorado
  • Calion - Calion Community Center at 159 North Hoover in Calion
  • El Dorado Ward 1 - Union County Fairgrounds Activities Building at 1432 E 19th St in El Dorado
  • El Dorado Ward 2 - Hillsboro Street Church of Christ at 1322 W Hillsboro in El Dorado
  • El Dorado Ward 3 - St. James Baptist Church at 608 S Martin Luther King Blvd. in El Dorado
  • El Dorado Ward 4 - El Dorado Municipal Auditorium at 100 West 8th in El Dorado
  • Felsenthal - Felsenthal City Hall at 1000 South Third in Huttig
  • Huttig - Huttig Community Center at 501 Frost Street in Huttig
  • Junction City - Junction City City Hall at 200 North Main in Junction City
  • Lawson - Lawson Fire Department at 140 McCall St in Lawson
  • Mt. Holly, Lisbon, Wolley’s Store - Mt. Holly Community Church at 2935 Stephens Hwy in Mt. Holly
  • Norphlet - Norphlet City Hall at 101 E. Padgett in Norphlet
  • Smackover - First United Methodist Church at 500 W 5th in Smackover
  • Three Creeks, Wesson - Three Creeks Baptist Church at 8914 Haynesville Hwy in Junction City
  • Union - Union Baptist Church at 144 Crain City Rd in El Dorado

Sample ballots can be found in the Union County Clerk’s Office.

Although many of the presidential candidates have dropped out of the race, election ballot positions include:

U.S. president - Democrat

  • Position 1 - Cory Booker
  • Position 2 - Michael R. Bloomberg
  • Position 3 - Joe Sestak
  • Position 4 - Julian Castro
  • Position 5 - Tulsi Gabbard
  • Position 6 - Marianne Williamson
  • Position 7 - Michael Bennet
  • Position 8 - Andrew Yang
  • Position 9 - Steve Bullock
  • Position 10 - Tom Steyer
  • Position 11 - John K. Delaney
  • Position 12 - Pete Buttigieg
  • Position 13 - Bernie Sanders
  • Position 14 - Kamala Harris
  • Position 15 - Elizabeth Warren
  • Position 16 - Amy Klobuchar
  • Position 17 - Mosie Boyd
  • Position 18 - Joseph R. Biden

U.S. president - Republican

  • Position 1 - Bill Weld
  • Position 2 - Donald J. Trump
  • Position 3 - Roque ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente

State Senate - District 27 - Democrat

  • Position 1 - Keidra Burrell
  • Position 2 - Gary L. Smith

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4 - Non-Partisan Judicial

  • Position 1 - Barbara Womack Webb
  • Position 2 - Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch

Court of Appeals Associate Judge - District 05

  • Position 1 - James McMenis
  • Position 2 - Court of Appeals Judge Mark Klappenbach

Union County Quorum Court

District #8

  • Position 1 - Donnie Crawford
  • Position 2 - William Crowder

El Dorado City Council

Ward 1/Position 2

  • Position 1 - Billy E. Blann
  • Position - Frank Hash

City of Strong


  • Position 1 - Allison A. Howell
  • Position 2 - Latosha Gatson

El Dorado School District #15

Zone 2

  • Position 1 - Kenneth V. Clemons
  • Position 2 - Joseph Jay Burnoff

Zone 4

  • Position 1 - Keith Smith
  • Position 2 - Shaneil Yarbrough

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