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Parkers Chapel’s girls’ golf team will feature three freshman and just one returning player – senior Hannah Brotherton. The Lady Trojans will open the season on August 4 at the Little River Country Club in Winthrop against Foreman and Cossatot.

Coach Mona Williams said the team will lean heavily on the play and experience of Brotherton.

“Her leadership is going to be key,” said Williams. “We have three freshmen newcomers this year. One of our freshmen is Bella Frisby, who I am very excited to watch further develop because she has already put in a tremendous amount of work and is showing extraordinary promise as a golfer. We also have freshman Franzi Kahlert, who has been working on her golf game and will be a definite asset along with our final freshman Reaux McAuliffe.”

The Lady Trojans only fielded two players last year, so PC couldn’t compete as a team. With this year’s full squad, Williams hopes her team will compete for a conference championship and go to state as a team.

“For the girls, the key will be Hannah continuing to show strength as a leader and role modeling good practice work ethic for our freshmen. And, certainly our freshmen gaining experience and improvement as the season progresses.

“We are very excited to play. We realize that our sport is unique in that we may actually get the opportunity to fully compete, although slightly altered, this year while others might not. As a coach, I am honored to do what is necessary to keep them safe but still allow our golfers the opportunity to enjoy their season, especially our seniors. This has been a trying time for everyone and watching these kids get to have a golf season will be such a joy even if it means a little extra diligence on our part.”

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