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El Dorado police are investigating an early Saturday morning incident in which shots were fired and a woman was assaulted at a local residence.

No serious injuries were reported in the incident.

Officers responded at 3:45 a.m. to report of multiple shots fired at a residence in the 1200 block of East First.

Calvin Hart Jr. told police that a man and a woman he knew entered his residence and attacked his girlfriend, Makayla Spivey.

A witness said the male suspect attempted to kick in the front door and when the witness opened the door and asked who was there, the suspect told the witness that “he knows who he is” and entered the residence.

The suspect then began walking toward the back of the house and when he spotted Spivey lying on the couch, he punched her in the face several times, the witness said, adding that suspect was also shouting profane words at the time.

The witness said he and Hart pulled the suspect off Spivey and the suspect told the woman who had come to the residence with him to attack Spivey.

Hart and the witness said the female suspect also struck Spivey in the face several times.

They said the male suspect shoved Hart onto the couch and Hart produced a handgun and ordered the suspects to leave the residence.

When the suspect refused, Hart fired a warning shot into the floor and again ordered the suspects to leave.

Hart said the suspects left in separate vehicles and a short time later, gunfire erupted outside and it sounded as if several bullets struck the house.

After the gunshots ended, Hart said he looked outside and saw a car leaving the scene. He said the car was the same vehicle in which the female suspect had left the residence earlier.

Police said there was a bullet hole in the front door of the residence and another in the crown molding in the back of the house.

They said Spivey’s face and neck were bruised and swollen. She declined medical attention.

Police said Spivey made statements corroborating Hart and the witness’s account of the incident.

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