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Winter is coming, and El Dorado residents should prepare for the winter weather headed our way next week.

“It’s nice today,” John Lewis, a meteorologist at the Little Rock National Weather Service said yesterday. “It’s warming up, which commonly happens ahead of a cold front.”

The highs will be in the 60s and 70s on Saturday and Sunday, Lewis said, with lows in the upper 20s and 30s at night. A cold front will be heading our way from northern Canada throughout that period, and is expected to hit El Dorado on Monday.

Temperatures will remain in the upper 50s Monday. It is also forecast to rain that day. On Tuesday, there’s potential for record-setting low temperatures with an expected low of 22 degrees.

“Your record low for that morning was 21 degrees, so you’re going to be very close to that, but 1911 is when that record was set, so if you happen to hit 21 degrees, you’ll hit the record set in 1911,” Lewis said. “Your record low high (the lowest temperature forecast as the day’s high temperature) on Tuesday is 41 degrees, and we’re calling a high of 40 degrees, so you’d set a record for that.”

Lewis said that while temperatures this low are not unprecedented, seeing them in the fall is unusual.

“It just doesn’t get this cold in November,” he said. “We’re not talking brutally cold, but we’re talking January temperatures in November.”

Lewis said there may be some snowflakes mixed with the precipitation Monday, but that he doesn’t expect it to be a travel hazard. However, residents should be wary of the potential for frozen pipes once temperatures drop below freezing (32 degrees).

There are a few ways to prevent one’s pipes from bursting if temperatures do dip below 32 degrees, he said.

“Wrap your pipes, put something around them, you could insulate them, that’s one,” he said. “Another would be to run a tiny stream of water through your faucet. Run it on both sides of the house, just a thin stream of water. As long as water’s moving, it won’t freeze.”

Lewis said that while the temperatures are not necessarily dangerous, residents should be prepared for a significant drop in temperatures next week.

“Look for mild conditions this weekend, but that’s going to change on Monday,” he said.

Caitlan Butler can be reached at 870-862-6611 or [email protected]

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