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A second suspect has been charged in the June 5 murder of 27 year-old Brandon Parker.

Chancin Hooks, 17, of Crossett, has been charged as an adult with capital murder in Parker’s death, alongside Tristan Waller, 19, of Urbana. The two could face life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

According to court records, deputies and investigators from the Union County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from ProMed Ambulance Service in reference to two men with gunshot wounds, Randy Miller, 22, and Parker.

Parker was pronounced dead about 40 minutes after deputies initially responded to ProMed’s call. Miller was treated for injuries to his face, including receiving stitches in one of his lips.

In an account from Miller to detectives, he said he and Parker had met Waller and Hooks prior to the shooting for a drug deal; Miller told police Waller and Hooks were contacts of Parker’s, not his, according to court documents.

After the sale, Parker and Miller left, until Parker received a call asking him to swing back by the spot where they’d met Waller and Hooks.

Miller described being ambushed by Waller and Hooks when they arrived back at the location, saying one of the men had been hiding in the woods, while the other stood near a truck parked at the location. He said when they arrived and parked, gunfire erupted from Waller and Hooks, with Parker immediately being hit.

Miller said he shot back in an attempt to defend himself and Parker. Once the shooting stopped, Miller saw that Parker was seriously injured and had to drive their vehicle from the passenger’s side to escape the danger.

An agent with the 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force received a tip that indicated Waller could have been involved in the shooting. Waller was found to live in the immediate area of the shooting and to own a vehicle that matched the description Miller gave of the one at the location where the shooting occurred.

Miller picked Waller out of a lineup, at which point detectives made contact with him. Waller told detectives he would take them to the location where the shooting occurred, as well as to the truck Miller indicated was theirs.

Once police arrived with Waller at the scene of the incident, he was advised of his Miranda rights and, after indicating he understood, proceeded to describe his version of events, according to court records.

Waller also took police to the location of the truck Miller had indicated, before implicating Hooks in the crime as well.

Detectives recovered one of the weapons used in the shooting at Hooks’ home based on Waller and Hooks’ admissions, according to court records.

Hooks is being charged as an adult, and Jeff Rogers, prosecuting attorney for the 13th Judicial District, said his office carefully reviews the facts of a case and requirements of the law in determining whether to charge any minor as an adult in any matter.

Caitlan Butler can be reached at 870-862-6611 or [email protected]

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