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The Smackover City Council accepted a bid for planned work on the city’s levee at their most recent meeting on Monday.

The levee, located past Fourth Street inside of city limits, keeps water from Smackover Creek from flooding city streets when water levels rise. Rick East, recorder/treasurer for the City of Smackover, said the city is installing culverts to capture excess rain water and redirect it back into the creek.

“The bids are for the labor and dirt work, etc. to put them (the culverts) in,” East said in a written correspondence.

At Monday’s meeting, the Council accepted a bid from R.R. Ramsey Contractors, Inc., based in Smackover, for $27,540.

The Council also discussed an upcoming wastewater project. The city plans to add aerators to their sewer pond to help keep it sanitary.

“The aerators are being placed in the sewer pond to keep bacterial levels down by adding oxygen to the pond so that enzymes and chemicals can work effectively,” East said.

The Council agreed on Monday to hire A.L. Franks, of A.L. Franks Engineering, Inc., to oversee the aerators’ installation. His company is based in Texarkana.

“All projects the city does are required to have an engineer by [the] state,” East said.

The Council also added two houses to their condemnation list on Monday: 105 W. 7th St. and 601 W. 4th St.

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