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Senator Trent Garner, R-El Dorado, has announced his decision to run for re-election next year as State Senator for District 27 in south Arkansas.

“I’m excited to announce my decision to run for another term in the Arkansas State Senate,” said Garner. “As a former Special Forces Green Beret, I had the privilege of serving my country. I am humbled that I am able to continue to serve the people of Arkansas”.

According to a press release, Garner has worked to make government more efficient, effective and accountable. He has a track record of results in areas that impact most Arkansans.

First elected in 2016, Garner made the campaign promise to work with Governor Asa Hutchinson and other legislators to create a better economy. Arkansas is currently experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in state history.

“I promised the people of Arkansas I would be the right leader to take us in a new direction,” Garner said. “With record-low unemployment, tax cuts to working Arkansans and a nearly $300 billion budget surplus, we are moving in a new and better direction.”

As a veteran, Garner made it a priority to lead the way on improving the lives of veterans in Arkansas. He eliminated the veteran’s retirement income tax, allowing veterans to keep every dollar earned for their military service.

“My opponent is a tax and spend, big government Democrat who had one of the worst records in office for economic policies and personal liberty,” Garner said. “He voted to raise Arkansas’s taxes by half a billion dollars his last year in office, stopped a bill that would have prevented an abortion after a baby feels pain and much more.”

Senator Trent Garner has kept his promises and worked hard for the people of Arkansas. However, there is more to be done and he wants to continue to build on his success.

“I’ve led the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, put veterans first, and stood up for Arkansas. However, there is more to be done and I want to continue to move us forward,” Garner said. “I am honored to be your State Senator and I’m asking for your support.”

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