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An El Dorado woman appeared in 35th Judicial District Court Friday following an arrest in which she was accused of sitting on an infant and a toddler, her niece and nephew, and striking another relative in the head with a bottle.

Shantel R. Lewis, 28, of 160 Hargett Drive, was arrested by El Dorado police Thursday for aggravated assault on a family or household member and third-degree domestic battery.

Lewis was still being held in the Union County Jail Friday late Friday afternoon in lieu of a $5,000 bond that was issued hours earlier during a first appearance hearing district court.

Just after midnight Thursday, police responded to a call about a welfare concern for two small children — a girl and boy, ages 1 and just under 2 months, respectively.

The children’s mother, who is also Lewis’s sister, told police that she and Lewis had argued while at Lewis’s Hargett Street residence.

The complainant said she walked away from Lewis and another woman who was at the residence at the time and Lewis followed her into the kitchen and attempted to strike her.

She noted that Lewis had babysat the 1-year-old girl Jan. 8 and when she arrived to pick up the girl then, she noticed a small cut and bruising around the child’s left eye.

According to a police report, the argument between the complainant and Lewis began over an unrelated issue.

However, the complainant said Lewis yelled at her about the child’s injuries, presumably after the complainant had confronted Lewis about the matter.

The complainant said she went upstairs to get a bottle for her infant son and when she walked back downstairs, Lewis was sitting on top of the children on the couch.

She said her son was not visible at all and she could see only her daughter’s feet underneath Lewis’s body.

She said she immediately ran to the couch and tried to pull Lewis off the children.

Another relative told officers that she and other relatives had been called earlier to Lewis’s residence to meet with the complainant regarding “an ongoing disturbance.”

When they arrived, they heard screaming inside the residence, the other relative said.

She said they entered the residence and saw Lewis sitting on the children, adding that both children’s faces were facing downward.

She noted that Lewis weighs “in excess of 200 pounds.” Lewis’s weight was listed as 240 pounds in an arrest report.

The children’s mother said that when her other relatives arrived, they helped her pull Lewis off the children.

She also noted that the other woman who had been at the residence earlier sat on the other end of the couch and talked on the phone during the incident.

The second complainant told officers that after they pulled the children away from Lewis, Lewis grabbed a glass bottle containing an alcoholic beverage and struck her in the forehead with the bottle.

No serious injuries were reported.

Police said the infant had a crease on the side of his face that is believed to have resulted from his face having been pressed into the couch. The other relative reportedly sustained a minor injury to the forehead.

Lewis was taken into custody shortly after officers responded to the initial call about the welfare concern.

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