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The Union County Sheriff’s Office hopes to interview Stacy Hughes, 42, of Strong, who is suspected in the Tuesday night stabbing of Gregory Green, 38, also of Strong.

Captain Jeff Stinson said the UCSO would like to hear Hughes’ side of the story in the stabbing incident.

“We’re looking to talk to her,” he said. “We have enough probable cause for a warrant, but with [a] phone call we had with her, she seemed to indicate there was more to the story. … We’re just trying to get her side of the story.”

Shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday, a UCSO officer was dispatched to the Medical Center of South Arkansas to see about a possible knife-attack victim. There, he met Green, who had been stabbed.

Green told the officer that Hughes, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, became aggressive and attacked him, allegedly for no apparent reason. He said she hit him in the arm with a chair before stabbing him in both arms.

The officer observed swelling and a deep arterial bleed in one arm and a cut on the other. Medical staff said the arterial bleed was potentially life-threatening; however, Green has since been released from the hospital, Stinson said.

Stinson said that Hughes could be charged with aggravated assault. He said when a felony that involves violence is committed, police are obligated to press charges regardless of whether the victim requests they be filed or not.

“This is a relationship-based crime, and as far as general public, I don’t think they’re in any more danger with her than they are with anybody else they encounter,” Stinson said.

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