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County Arrests

• On Feb. 1, Rickey L. Williams, 42, of El Dorado was arrested on charges of fleeing, fleeing in an automobile, first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license and a parole violation.

• On Feb. 3, Donald M. Bledsoe, 48, of Calion was arrested on charges of simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm, possession of a firearm by certain persons, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and a parole violation. A deputy initiated a traffic stop after observing Bledsoe’s vehicle travelling on Champagnolle with a high intensity light bar turned on. Bledsoe had a search waiver on file, meaning he could be searched without giving consent. The deputy also recognized the smell of alcohol on Bledsoe; when he asked Bledsoe how much he’d had to drink, Bledsoe replied “enough,” according to the police report. The deputy told Bledsoe he would be searching his vehicle and Bledsoe told the deputy he would find a bag of methamphetamine under the driver’s seat. The deputy also discovered a needle, a digital scale, two bags containing methamphetamine, another container holding meth and three empty plastic bags. Further searching led to the discovery of a Marlin .22 caliber rifle.

• On Feb. 4, Anthony S. Wallace, 36, of Calion was arrested on a petition to revoke his probation.

• On Feb. 4, Sherry L. Moore, 59, of Crossett was arrested on charges of breaking or entering, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal trespass. A deputy was dispatched in the middle of the night to a resident on Wyatt Drive in reference to a suspicious vehicle. The deputy advised Moore that no one was supposed to be at the residence. She said it belonged to her ex mother-in-law and that she and a man she was with had permission to be there, as they were there cleaning the yard and a storage building on the property. The deputy ran Moore’s information and found an outstanding warrant for failure to comply; at that point she was taken into custody. The man’s information could not be traced back to anyone; as the deputy attempted to confirm the man’s identity, the man left the scene, walking into a nearby wooded area. Two other officers arrived to help search for the man, but they were unable to locate him at that time. On searching the area, the deputies discovered three storage buildings that appeared to have been rummaged through and broken into, food and what appeared to be a camp site behind the residence and four canines that belonged to Moore. The animal control officer caught some of the dogs and said he would return during daylight hours to catch the rest.

• On Feb. 4, Jerry M. Carp, 58, of El Dorado was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine, driving on a suspended license, no liability insurance and failure to pay registration fees. A deputy observed her vehicle’s tags were expired so he conducted a traffic stop, at which point he discovered both Carp and her passenger had suspended drivers licenses. He asked Carp and her passenger to step outside of the vehicle and got permission to search it; in the course of the search, he discovered a container which held a bag of what appeared to be methamphetamine. Neither Carp nor her passenger claimed it, so they were both arrested.

• On Feb. 4, Russell Hayes, 56, of El Dorado was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine and resisting arrest. A deputy was dispatched to Wyatt Drive in reference to a person on a property that was supposed to be empty. The deputy met Hayes at the location. He asked Hayes if he could pat him down for officer safety; initially Hayes resisted, but he later agreed and submitted to the pay down. Hayes said his mother owned the property and asked him to check on the residence there since the family was out of town. The deputy asked Hayes to call his family to confirm with them that what he’d said was true; when Hayes went for his phone, in his pocket, a bag of what appeared to be methamphetamine fell out of his pocket. The deputy noticed immediately. Hayes continually tried to hide the bag before resisting the deputy’s attempts to detain him. He was eventually able to cuff Hayes. He later discovered a second bag of meth in Hayes’ pocket.

• On Feb 5, Curtis L. Brown, 57, of Marion, La. was arrested on charges of first-degree terroristic threatening. A Huttig city employee reported that Brown had gone into a store with a gun. When an officer made contact with Brown, he appeared to be drunk, according to the police report. An employee at the store Brown took the gun to told the officer that he’d made threats to kill a woman and himself; however, he did eventually turn the gun over to the employee.

• On Feb. 8, Andrew B. Owens, 18, of Ivan was arrested on charges of failure to appear and obstructing governmental operations. A deputy went to serve a warrant on Owens, but Owens said he did not know he was supposed to have been in court. When asked for his birth date, Owens lied and gave a date the deputies knew to be incorrect. He was then arrested.

County Reports

• On Feb. 2, a man was served with a petition to revoke his probation after being arrested on unrelated charges.

• On Feb. 2, a deputy responded to a report of an unwanted person at the Missile Mart on Hwy 82 West. Earlier in the day, the deputy had reported to the Missile Mart to fill out a ban sheet against a man who had used counterfeit money in the store. When he returned, the man was at the store. The deputy advised him that he had been banned and the man left without incident.

• On Feb. 2, a woman reported an attempted break-in at her home on Lisbon Road. The woman said she was in the process of moving and had not been at home when the break-in attempt occurred. She said when she returned to the home the following morning, she found one of the front windows broken and the window, porch and carport steps covered in dried blood. A neighbor said he had someone knock on his door in the middle of the night, but that he did not answer the knock. A deputy took DNA swabs of the dried blood.

• On Feb. 2, a man reported a burglary at his home on Stephens Highway. The man said he’d been in Little Rock for three weeks and when he returned home, he found the back door kicked off its frame. The man said it appeared someone had lived there while he was away, as he found food trash, cigarettes and shoes that did not belong to him.

• On Feb. 2, a man reported his vehicle stolen from the Mobil on Highway 82 West. The man said he left his 2011 green Chevy Silverado parked at the gas station while he went out of town to work and when he returned the following day, he found the vehicle missing. The man said his wife saw his vehicle still there on Feb.1 around noon.

• On Feb. 3, a woman reported a residential burglary at a residence on Glenn Road. She said her father owned the home, but was remanded to her residence as a term of his parole. She said another man was staying at her father’s residence for now to keep an eye on the place. She said he told her someone broke into the residence through the front window; initially he thought nothing had been taken, but he later discovered hay forks, a shop fan and a large tool box all missing from the back yard.

• On Feb. 3, a Junction City Police officer reported a forgery to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The owner of Jolley’s Grocery reported a forged check that was used by a customer to buy food. The owner identified a suspect. An officer made contact with the owner of the check, who said he had not signed it; he said the person the grocery store owner suspected had stolen and forged his checks in the past. The grocery store owner said that his suspect did not sign the check in front of him; however, he did not have surveillance footage of the incident.

• On Feb. 3, a woman reported a man threatening her. She said she was afraid to do anything because he was equipped with a knife on his belt. Later that day, another woman reported the man causing a disturbance at her residence. She said her son was missing and the man said he could find him; the original woman had taken the woman’s son to a friend’s house for his safety. She and deputies returned the child to the second woman, at which point deputies heard reports of the man causing property damage at another residence. The man left the third scene on foot. The deputies helped the first woman gather her belongings to leave for the night.

• On Feb. 4, a man reported his credit card being used without his authorization. He said between 17 and 20 cash withdrawals totaling $330 had been made without his knowledge or consent.

• On Feb. 5, a woman reported a forgery. She said her best friend had been stealing money from her bank account over the past few months after having stolen her social security number and forging her name on checks. She said her bank had security footage of her friend using her checks.

• On Feb. 5, a man reported fraud. He said his apartment building sent him a bill for over $1100 asking for past due rent. The man said he did not have a lease at the apartment building. The man also said that Verizon was trying to bill him for an account that is not his. He said a woman’s name was tied to the phone account.

• On Feb. 5, a woman reported two probationers that appeared to be trying to hide their vehicle when they reported for appointments. An officer checked the vehicle with a K-9, who did not discover any drugs. Officers did find a full beer can, still cold to the touch, under one of the vehicle’s seats. One man was charged with fifth offense driving on a suspended license, while the second man was charged with obstruction of governmental operations, public intoxication and littering.

• On Feb. 5, a woman was arrested on charges of harassment.

• On Feb. 6, a woman reported her wallet stolen. She said it had gone missing from the console of her 2006 Dodge Charger. Included in the wallet was $112 cash, a bank card, a child support card and a WIC card. The deputy on scene did not see any evidence of forced entry.

• On Feb. 6, a woman reported two women had stolen her jewelry from her home. She said she was showing a man some items she had for sale while two women with him waited inside and that she noticed a few days later her jewelry boxes were missing. She said they mostly contained costume jewelry but that her mother’s 14 karat gold ring was also missing.

• On Feb. 6, a woman reported her son being bullied on the school bus in Parkers Chapel. She said her son, a fourth-grader, was being verbally harassed by a high school aged child. The deputy followed up with the accused bully’s parents, who, according to the police report, blamed his behavior on video games. The Parkers Chapel high school principal told the deputy action had been taken against the older child; he will now have to sit alone at the front of the bus and is barred from contacting the younger child. The deputy spoke with the young man, who apologized for his actions and said he was in therapy to deal with anger problems.

• On Feb. 6, a woman reported someone damaging her vehicle. She said another car drove past, slinging gravel which caused the damage.

• On Feb. 7, a deputy responded to a possible overdose. A man had taken an unknown pill. The man did not want help initially and was hostile to the deputy, but he eventually calmed down and agreed he would have a friend take him to the hospital.

• On Feb. 7, a man reported his vehicle stolen. He said his workers arrived and realized the work truck was missing. The man showed a deputy where the lock had not been secured properly on the fence as well as video footage showing when the vehicle was taken the night before.

• On Feb. 6, a woman reported property theft at her home on Junction City Highway. She said the previous evening, a man had come to her home asking if she had any work he and his girlfriend could do for her in exchange for payment; she did not, but she referred the man to one of her neighbors. She said the man returned later to tell her the person she referred him to no longer lived at that residence. The woman said that the next day, she discovered her Stihl backpack style leaf blower missing from her shed. Her neighbor said he saw two people in a four-door vehicle come to her house that afternoon and leave soon after.

• On Feb. 7, a woman reported someone shooting a gun through her window. Deputies began investigating and discovered further damage to her washing machine. One deputy found what appeared to be part of a vehicle on the ground outside her house and was able to determine that that is what actually came through her window. The deputies found a broken down vehicle with a strong burning smell coming from it and tracked down the owner, who said the woman would need to sue him if she wanted him to pay for the damage.

City Arrests

• Kenneth L. Brown, 37, of 710 E. Faulkner, was arrested Feb. 5 for possession of crack cocaine and a warrant for two counts of delivery of cocaine. Investigators with the El Dorado Police Department Criminal Apprehension Division conducted a traffic stop in the area of East Main and Hudson after they saw Brown leave the East Faulkner Street residence. After investigators issued the arrest warrant, they found a crack cocaine on Brown’s person during a search incident to arrest, according to a police report.

• A 17-year-old boy was arrested Feb. 4 for aggravated assault. Natia Lacey, 20, of 560 Beverly Drive, and Traymon R. Lovett, 19, of 918 Short W. Second, were also arrested on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and third-degree domestic battery, respectively, in connection to the incident. Police responded to a report of disturbance at the Short West Second Street residence, and upon arrival, they saw several people fighting in the street in front of the residence, according to a police report. Officers said a male, later identified as the17-year-old boy, struck Lovett in the head with tire tool as officers approached. Police said Lovett tried to fight the boy off, while Lacey and another woman, both relatives of the boy, appeared to fight with Lovett. Lacey and the other woman, later identified as Lacey and the boy’s mother, told officers that Lovett struck Lacey in the face with his fist during an argument at the Beverly Drive residence. The woman said Lovett called her a short time later to discuss the incident and she went to his residence to speak with him. She said Lacey and the boy later arrived at Lovett’s residence but did not exit their vehicle. She said when Lovett began “arguing and cussing at” Lacey, the pair exited the vehicle and began fighting with Lovett. The woman said she was trying to break up the fight when police arrived on the scene. Lacey provided similar statements, telling officers that Lovett had approached her outside her Beverly Drive residence and began arguing with her. She said went inside her residence to get away from him and he followed her inside, struck her in the face and broke her cellphone before leaving the area.

• Chaffin E. Brock, 34, of 515 W. Cedar, was arrested Feb. 4 on an Ashley County Sheriff’s Office warrant for a body attachment for child neglect.

• Antonio J. Cooper, 38, of 1309 Bock, Lot 4, was arrested Feb. 1 on a warrant for two counts of delivery of methamphetamine. The arrest warrant was issued by the El Dorado Police Department Criminal Apprehension Division. Cooper faces several other charges, including maintaining a drug premises, five counts each of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver (marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, Xanax and Ecstasy), possession of drug paraphernalia, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and theft by receiving (firearm) and possession of a firearm by certain persons.

City Reports

• A man told police Feb. 9 that someone stole his vehicle from his residence in the 1000 block of West Eighth and crashed it into a fence nearby. Police noted there was blood on the complainant’s lips and left hand. He said he had sustained the injuries while fighting with his wife earlier.

• A man told police Feb. 8 that someone broke into his residence in the 1200 block of West Wesson and stole a TV and piggy bank containing $5 cash.

• On Feb. 8, the owner of Big Buck’s Pawn, 727 W. Hillsboro, told police that a male attempted to pawn two chain saws and a toolbox containing several power and hand tools. Suspecting that the items were stolen, the complainant said he questioned the male about the items and the male said “he didn’t know.” The complainant said he refused to conduct business with the male, and the male left the store and threw the tools into a dumpster on the west side of the building. The complainant noted that he previously did business with the male. The suspect was described as a black male, approximately 20 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing a blue hoodie, red jeans and blue athletic shoes.

• A man told police Feb. 8 that a man he knew threatened him and his wife with a gun during an argument. The couple said the suspect knocked on the door of their residence in the 1000 block of Marrable Hill, and when the husband went outside, the suspect held a pistol to his head and issued a terroristic threat. The husband said his wife then opened the door and the suspect pointed the gun at her. The wife reported the incident to police Feb. 7 and her husband corroborated her account of the incident the following day.

• A woman reported Feb. 7 that her ex-boyfriend broke into her residence in the 100 block of Hargett and assaulted her. The woman said she noticed that the back door was open when she arrived home and as she walked to the front of the residence to call police, the suspect emerged from the bathroom, grabbed her arm, flung her to the floor and “asked her to take him back.” She said he then asked to borrow a cigarette and to give him a ride, and she ran to her vehicle to call police. The suspect then ran behind the apartment building, the woman said. Police said they were unable to find the suspect, noting that the woman had an active order of protection against him.

• The owner of Mallard Motors, 701 E. Main, reported Feb. 7 that a woman used a fraudulent check to purchase a vehicle. He said the purchase was made in December and the check was written in the amount of $2,000.

• A woman told police Feb. 7 that someone broke into her vehicle at Noah’s Ark Christian Daycare, 714 W. Faulkner, and stole $100 cash and a gold necklace with a pendant in the shape of a cross.

• A woman reported Feb. 7 that her adult daughter’s boyfriend made several terroristic threats against her and other family members. The woman said she saw the suspect standing outside her residence in the 900 block of East Elm and she told him to leave. She said he became “irate”, issued the threats and overturned trash cans as he left the area on foot. Another family member corroborated the woman’s account of the incident.

• On Feb. 5, an employee of EZ Mart, 400 W. Hillsboro, reported that a man used a counterfeit $20 bill for a purchase on Jan. 21. A suspect was identified, according to a police report.

• A Canadian woman reported Feb. 5 that an El Dorado man posted nude photos of her adult daughter on a social media website. She said the suspect refused their requests to remove the photos.

• A woman told police Feb. 5 that someone broke into a house she owns in the 700 block of South College and stole a tool chest containing several tools that were valued at $500.

• A woman told officers Feb. four guns — two shotguns and two rifles, one of which was an air rifle — from her residence in the 900 block of Liberty. A suspect was identified, according to a police report.

• A man told police Feb. 4 that someone broke into his residence in the 500 block of North Mosby and stole $1,500 cash and two video game systems.

• A woman reported Feb. 3 that her boyfriend choked her, struck her in the face with a piece of paper and grabbed her by the back of the neck. She said the incident occurred at the suspect’s residence in the 1400 block of South Washington. Police said the woman did not have any visible injuries and she declined medical treatment.

• On Feb. 2, a man told officers that his ex-girlfriend became irate when he asked her to leave his residence in the 400 block of Petroleum and broke a window by throwing a large suitcase through it. He said the suspect left the residence, returned approximately 30minutes later and issued a terroristic threat against him.

• A man told police Feb. 2 that someone stole his rifle from the trunk of his car at his residence in the 800 block of South Jackson.

• On Feb. 2, a woman reported that her teenage grandson issued a terroristic threat against her and vandalized her vehicle at her residence in the 900 block of Short West Second. She said a physical altercation ensued when she told the boy he was not welcome at her residence. She said he threatened to “get a gun and blow your brains out” and ran outside. The boy then kicked her vehicle and left the area. Police said there was damage to the rear driver’s side door and trunk of the vehicle. Police received information that the boy may be hiding in an abandoned residence at the intersection of West First and Murphy. Police said the boy was in the backyard of the residence and when he saw officers, he ran south, ignoring commands to stop. Police said they lost sight of the boy after a brief foot chase.

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