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El Dorado got back on the practice field Tuesday afternoon and even did a little contact under the blistering August sun. Coach Steven Jones said it was a productive day, despite the heat.

“We covered everything today. We covered some special team periods mixed in throughout the day. The thing that stood out the most today was defense. Defense was really showing out today. They’ve come a long way this summer. I just really like where we’re at defensively, right now,” said Jones.

“We were in pads today. We had different segments where we were in full pads. We would pop our shells off for certain periods just to beat the heat a little bit. It was pretty warm out there today, so we tried to play it safe at certain times, but we had some contact.”

Jones said the weather didn’t prevent the Wildcats from getting things done.

“It didn’t limit us. We just had to throw in a few extra breaks. Our kids are in pretty good shape. It’s been hot for awhile now this summer. I feel like our kids are acclimated at this point,” he said.

The Wildcats will have a similar workout scheduled for today as they prepare for Friday’s Purple-White scrimmage.

“We’ll come in and get a lift, have some quick position meetings and be out on the field at the high school at 3:40. We’ll mix in some more team periods, a little more team stuff than we did today,” said Jones. “And, we’ll hit the special teams we weren’t able to touch on today. We’ll work kickoff return and work on punt a little bit.

“Our kids continue to battle and fight through the things we throw at them. It was a tough day out there today and everybody seemed to be upbeat for the most part and we got a lot accomplished.”

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