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• James Michael Moseley and Kelsey Lark Harper, 07/26

• Benjamin Orien Tidwell and Morgan Elise Johnson, 07/26

• Shawn David Turner and Tracy Lynn Marby, 07/26

• Jeffery A. Demorrow and Felicia Renee Hones, 07/29

• Joshua Hunter Sharp and Kriston Brianna Hyatt, 07/30

• Dustin Lee Howe and Jessika H. Stringfellow, 08/01


• Terri Dollar vs. Johnny Dollar, 08/02

• James Hicks vs. Brittany Hicks, 08/02

• Pat Silvertooth vs. Diane M. Silvertooth, 08/02

• Ann Marie Hughes Nobles vs. Dalton Nobles, 08/02

• Charles Smith vs. Jujuana Smith, 07/29

• Anthony Foster vs. Rita Foster, 07/31

• Crystal Edwards vs. Yeixys Edwards, 08/02

• Ashley Nash vs. James Nash, 07/31

• Brittany Kelley vs. Trey Kelley, 07/30

Civil Cases

• Chuck Carelock vs. Bruce Green, 07/29

• Barclays Bank Delware vs. Ettie White, 07/29

• American Express vs. Ronda Razo, 07/29

• ADFA vs. Derrick Thomas, 07/30

• ADFA vs. Samuel Alphin, 07/30

• Jacquob Vartenian vs. Shemkia Jackson, 07/31

• Chase Shrewsbury vs. Dana Dodd, 07/31

• Robert Joyner vs. Don Brotherton DDS, 08/01

• State of AR vs. Michelle Roberson & Tracy Sturgis, 08/02

• Bank of America vs. Richard Taylor,08/02


• Cassandra Y. Williams, 405 Melrose St., El Dorado, Aug. 1, 2019, Chapter 13.

• Tammy Mayweather, 6002 Haynesville Highway, El Dorado, July 31, 2019, Chapter 7.

• Clifton Travis Jolley, 586 Jones Loop, Junction City, July 31, 2019, Chapter 13.

Food Service Inspection

NOTE: Any violations reported in an inspection may have been corrected before time of publication. The Food Protection Program of the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) inspects all food establishments in the state to make sure they follow ADH Food Establishment Rules & Regulations. Arkansas Health Department’s inspections are conducted 1 to 3 times per year depending upon the Risk Category of the establishment. Additional inspections occur to follow-up on violations and when the ADH receives a complaint. The regulations are written to ensure food is prepared, stored, and served safely, which in turn may prevent food- borne illness. From the Inspection Report, you can see if the establishment is following the food safety regulation.

Remember this inspection is only a snapshot in time. It represents only what the inspector saw on the particulars date of inspection.

• Taqueria Helen, 3717 North West Avenue, El Dorado, Arkansas. No violations.

• Main Street Pizza, 101 North Jackson, El Dorado, Arkansas. Observed employees using hand sanitizer after handling soiled dishes. Hand sanitizer is not allowed in place of hand washing. Corrective actions taken

• The Olde Towne Store, 113 North Jefferson Avenue, El Dorado. No violations.

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