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City Arrests

• Devontae L. Green, 24, of 205 Center, was arrested March 3 for aggravated assault on a family or household member and assault on a family or household member. Green is accused of choking his ex-girlfriend and dragging her with his vehicle. The victim told officers that Green came to her residence in the 100 block of Hargett Drive and requested some papers that belonged to him. As she was retrieving the papers, an argument ensued, and she said Green began choking her. The woman told police that when Green released his grip on her neck, he ran outside, taking her cellphone with him. She said her lower lip was split at some point during the altercation. The victim said she followed Green outside to retrieve her phone, and when she reached inside his vehicle, he grabbed her arm and drove away, dragging her alongside the vehicle. A witness reported seeing Green drag the woman with the vehicle. Police said the right side of the woman’s lower lip was split and swollen, there was a deep gash on her left index finger and there was a large scrape on her upper left thigh. The woman said she intended to seek medical attention for her wounds. Police said the Union County Sheriff’s Office located Green at his place of employment just outside city limits and took him into custody.

• Cynthia A. Hampton, 49, of 800 Marsh Ave., was arrested March 3 for second-degree domestic battery. Hampton is accused of attacking her boyfriend with a knife and throwing two knives, a meat poker, decorative garden items at him. The victim told police Hampton became angry and began slashing at him with a butcher knife. He said he sustained defensive wounds when he held up his hands during the attack. Police said he had a large, deep laceration to his right hand and scratches on his neck and chest. The man said the blade of the knife broke, and he ran from Hampton, stumbling several times. he said Hampton grabbed him, scratching his neck and chest. He said he ran outside and fell off the front steps, injuring his left hand and arm near his elbow and scraping his chest. He said Hampton threw two knives, a meat poker and decorative garden angels at him as he tried to get away from her. The man said he made it to a relative’s house and was driven by private vehicle to Medical Center of South Arkansas for treatment. Police said the knives, poker and broken garden angels were strewn in the front yard when they arrived. Police said they took Hampton into custody at the Marsh Avenue residence. They noted there was a trail of blood throughout the house, and they recovered the broken butcher knife in the kitchen.

• Sherrodo V. Taylor, 27, of 1710 Detroit was arrested March 3 for interference with emergency communications, first-degree; domestic battery, third-degree; and criminal trespass.

• Amy L. Golden, 28, and Adam B. Craig, 29, both of 1103 Briarwood, were arrested March 3 for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jesse H. Eggleston, 36, of 1214 W. Wesson, was arrested March 2 on a warrant for possession of methamphetamine and fleeing on foot. His brother, Michael S. Eggleston, 37, who also gave an address of 1214 W, Wesson was arrested for fleeing on foot. Police said they went to the Wesson Street residence to serve an arrest warrant for Jesse Eggleston, but there was no response. Minutes later, officers said they heard a horn sounding from a vehicle that was approaching the area, and they recognized the vehicle as belonging to Michael Eggleston. Police said they followed the vehicle, which approached Jesse Eggleston’s residence, and they saw the Egglestons outside the residence. They said that when the suspects spotted police, they ran behind the residence. Police said they gave chase and took the suspects into custody in the backyard. During a search incident to arrest, police said they found methamphetamine in the front right watch pocket of Jesse Eggleston’s pants.

• Dejon M. Tandy, 28, of 2400 Marilyn, was arrested Feb. 26 for robbery and three counts of first-degree terroristic threatening, and Devoen D. Dorch, 24, of Calion was arrested for criminal trespass. Officers responded to a report of a disturbance at Hillsboro Townhouse Apartments, 1600 Short E. Hillsboro. A witness directed officers to a vehicle whose occupants were said to have been involved in the disturbance. Police said there were four people inside the vehicle. They said a rear passenger, later identified as Dorch, fidgeted in his seat and appeared to be distraught, and the other rear-seat passenger, Tandy, would not comply with officers’ commands. Dorch told police that an argument ensued when Tandy had accused him of owing Tandy money. When Tandy threatened to fight him, Dorch said he got into his girlfriend’s vehicle, which was parked nearby. He said Tandy followed, entered the vehicle, and began fighting him and holding him down. Dorch said Tandy issued terroristic threats and attempted to reach into his pockets several times while demanding money. Witnesses said the pair entered the vehicle when police arrived on the scene. They said Tandy also threatened the other occupants, one a 17-year-old boy, who were inside the vehicle. Police said they learned that Dorch had been banned from the property, and he was taken into custody on the trespassing charge.

• A 14-year-old boy was arrested Feb. 26 for criminal mischief, third-degree assault and disorderly conduct. Officials at Murmil Educational center, said the boy assaulted a teacher and damaged several computers. While en route to the school, police said they spoke with the principal by phone, and they could hear crashes in the background. Police said that when they arrived, the boy was holding a cord from a computer keyboard and refused to put it down when ordered to do so. Police said the boy also did not comply with commands to sit on the ground, and he was placed in hand restraints. They said the boy repeatedly yelled a racial slur at officers and school officials. The boy told officers that he was upset about disciplinary actions that had been taken against him, and he confronted one of his teachers. He said the teacher turned him away, and he shoved the teacher in the chest. The boy said he then walked into a classroom across the hall and was met by the principal. He said he then began breaking computers, overturning a table with several computers and throwing a computer tower across the room toward school officials. Officers noted that several students and another teacher were inside the classroom at the time. Police said several computer components were damaged. and the damage was estimated at $1,248. The boy was issued a citation to appear for a juvenile offender intake process on March 1.

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