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By Jason Avery

News-Times Staff

In 2017, Junction City’s warp-speed offense generated over 6,000 yards of total offense and scored 637 points.

As a member of the Dragons’ offensive line, Noreaga Frazier played a pivotal role in Junction City’s success, and he will be getting the opportunity to further his career at the collegiate level.

On Wednesday, Frazier signed with Arkansas-Monticello.

"Towards the middle of the season, they started recruiting me," Frazier said. "Coach (Marcus) Hill came up to the school and got to know me a little bit, and they invited me to their homecoming. I got to know the school a little bit better."

Thanks to the Dragons’ fast-paced offense, Frazier, who will play on the offensive line for Arkansas-Monticello, could have a bit of an advantage in picking up the Boll Weevils’ scheme.

"I think so. It's a little different, but it will be uptempo," Frazier said.

Conditioning played a huge role in Junction City’s success, as the Dragons wore many teams down by running as many plays as possible.

In their playoff win over Harding Academy, the Dragons ran over 90 snaps, and the offensive line helped seal the win over Osceola in the state semifinals by continuously gashing the Seminoles’ defense that allowed Junction City to run out the clock.

So how were the Dragons able to execute after running so many plays?

"Our bodies had gotten used to it," Frazier said. "It wasn't really tiring for me because during the preseason, we had gotten ready for it."

Although Junction City fell short in their quest for a state title, Frazier was pleased with the Dragons’ season.

"I thought about how far we had made it," Frazier said. "Of course, everybody wants to come out on top and win the state championship. I really wanted to get that one, but you can't win them all I guess."

Frazier, who said he wants to major in nursing at Arkansas-Monticello, is also a member of the Dragons’ basketball team.

"I'm using it as something to keep my conditioning up, but I'm also a competitor, so I like to see us win a lot," Frazier said.

When Frazier visited the school, the environment helped finalize his decision to play there.

"They had a big family environment," Frazier said. "Everybody gets along with each other. It's a small school, so your teachers are one-on-one with you."

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