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By Katie Meade

Special to the News-Times

August is here and that means one thing for hunters.

It is time to start planning for hunting season! The "-ber" months are coming up next so it is time to start hanging cameras, setting up feeders, clearing shooting lanes, trimming limbs, cleaning four-wheeler trails and replacing the walls on that favorite box stand.

Cooper starts school next week and he is excited because he knows modern gun deer season opens in just three months. I told him we had a big to-do list to make so we didn't leave off anything that needed to be finished.

Cooper started listing what needed to be done at his hunting spot. I told him we would get his spot ready and he had plenty of time.

I also explained that we had to be careful in the woods because snakes are still crawling.

Hopefully we will have a real autumn experience this year and the snakes will go into hibernation sooner.

With the cooler morning temperatures we experienced recently, I have to say that I was getting excited about hunting season as well. For us archers, practice is going strong now as archery season opens at the end of September.

I'll be hitting the indoor archery range in town this week. Some of you may not know that Slingin' Arrows has moved to the old Byrd Marine building on Main Street.

Go by and see Brent and have maintenance done on your bows or have them tuned.

He carries all types of accessories and necessities for all archers whether you use a compound, crossbow or are a traditional primitive hunter.

Also, keep your eyes ready for the annual Hunting and Sporting Gazette that the El Dorado News-Times will publish at the end of August.

If you have any services that you would like to advertise, get in touch with the advertising department.

Whether you make calls, lanyards, paracord accessories, build stands, weld boats or fix motors, they would love to help get your business in front of people.

Tractor services such as bush hogging, lane clearing and making new trails are also a service that many people need.

Taxidermy, deer stands, meat processing and predator/nuisance animal eradication are also services that people need to know about before opening day.

Questions? Comments? Pictures? Send them to

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