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By Jason Avery

News-Times Staff

With just over three weeks remaining until the Bucks begin their season with two games in six days, Smackover is making the most of their practice time.

Thursday marked the first day teams could don shells, and first-year coach Brian Brown said the Bucks had their best practice thus far this week.

“It was our best practice to date by far,” Brown said. “The first three days is almost like the same thing you did during the summer, so it’s a little monotonous. The kids hit well, and we did some good things. It was a great practice.”

Brown added that Thursday’s practice was one his team had been looking forward to.

“Most of the kids are physical-type kids, so they’re ready to go and play football,” Brown said.

“We’ve been doing 7-on-7’s and all that stuff. For some of them, it’s a big day. It was a more physical practice where you can really do some football stuff.”

The Bucks will begin practicing in full pads next week, and Brown said there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the season opener arrives.

“We need to do some work on some stuff before we start playing,” Brown said. “We need a lot of reps. We’re playing some run teams in our first three games, and we really need to get out there and practice and tackle and do the things we’re going to do in the game.

“We’re going to try to emulate what we’re going to see in those first three weeks of football.”

With the early start to the season due to zero week, Brown has accelerated the pace of trying to get his schemes in place.

“We had to speed ours up because we were coming in from Texas,” Brown said. “Just being new to the kids, we had to speed ours up because of the newness of us and because we’re playing early.”

Brown said the Bucks worked on both sides of the ball in Thursday’s practice, and they will spend time on special teams in today’s practice.

“We’re going to do some special teams,” Brown said. “Our day will consist of offense and defense, then we’re lifting and then special teams.

“We’re going to work on some kickoffs and some of the other things on special teams that we need to work on.”

As the Bucks near the conclusion of their first week of practice, Brown said everything has gone smoothly.

“I really like the team I have,” Brown said. “We’ve got a lot of speed. We’ve got some good linemen. I think our chances are good in any ballgame we’re in, so I’m pleased with the team.

“I like what I’ve got. We’re a little thin like everybody else is that’s in a lower classification, but I’m real excited about the team I’ve got.”

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