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May 24, 2018
El Dorado News Times

Giving back to the community

Community cleanup: Arkansas Razorback and El Dorado native Daniel Gafford was the special guest at the fourth annual Sharon Bailey Whitlock Spring Clean Up. The cleanup is put on by Meet Me at the Court and the Bailey Family each year. “It feels good coming back to be with everybody that I used to hang around when I was younger,” Gafford said. “It just feels good to be back in the city and be with all of the people that I know and that I’m not nervous around.”

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Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus: Rahel Landrum of Jews for Jesus recreates the traditional Passover service at the Salvation Army on Thursday. She explained how the Passover foreshadowed Jesus’ death and resurrection in a presentation called “Christ in the Passover.” Landrum has presented “Christ in the Passover” at over 38,000 churches. During the presentation, she set a table with items traditionally used at the Passover meal and detailed their spiritual significance. The “Christ in the Passover” presentation has been received by Christians who appreciate learning more about the Jewish backgrounds of their faith.

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Campaign seeks to stop proposed state policy change

New limits seek to restrict Medicaid eligibility for children in developmental programs

A statewide policy change could lead to more than 100 children in the El Dorado area to lose medically necessary developmental services as the Arkansas Department of Human Services looks to control costs and prevent an “over-utilization” of programs.

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County, city differ on jail fee

At the Quorum Court meeting Thursday, Union County Sheriff Ricky Roberts presented concerns, noting that he has sent El Dorado bills for $13,500, and, for the months of January and February, they sent back $10,000.

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Steve Earle & the Dukes to perform at MAD

To prepare El Dorado for his upcoming show, Steve Earle said, “Just come to stay for a while and to have a good time. They’ll probably hear most of what they want to hear, if they’ve never seen us before.”

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Flooding continues in Felsenthal

Water levels expected to crest Thursday

FELSENTHAL - After more than 10 inches of rain fell in February, as well as another inch in the last week, the town of Felsenthal is preparing for more water.

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Scout's honor

Boy Scouting: The De Soto Area Council hosted its annual Friends of Scouting Luncheon Wednesday at the Griffin Music Hall. Clark Hunt was the featured speaker at the event. Hunt is co-owner, CEO and president of the Kansas City Chiefs and owner of FC Dallas of Major Legue Soccer. Chairing the luncheon was Andrew Clyde, president and CEO of Murphy USA and Bob Merkle. The annual event raises funds to support Scouting programs in local communities. Above, Clyde has a fireside chat with Hunt at the luncheon. Left, Hunt autographs a piece of paper for Joshua Malin at the luncheon.

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