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October 15, 2018
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Louisiana Razorbacks excited about LSU trip

This article was published November 10, 2017 at 5:00 a.m.

By Otis Kirk

Special to the News-Times

Arkansas will leave today for Baton Rouge to take on No. 25 LSU on Saturday morning in Tiger Stadium.

The Hogs have worked hard this week as they try to even the season record.

The Razorbacks have 14 players from Louisiana, including sophomore linebacker De'Jon Harris, who leads the team with 81 tackles.

He played his high school football at Harvey (La.) John Ehret. He's excited to play a game close to home.

"It's my first game there," Harris said. "I'm very excited. I always wanted to play there. At least I'll get to play against them. I just want to play on the field. Growing up as a Tiger fan, and now going up against some close friends. I'll have a lot of family and friends there. A lot of my family get to come and watch me play, so I'm very excited."

Harris had offers from several schools coming out of high school, including Alabama. But he didn't have one from LSU. Does it bug you some that LSU didn't offer?

"No, I really wasn't talking to them that much," Harris said. "It wasn't really serious. It doesn't bother me (to not get offer). I never pictured myself playing there. I wanted to play there, but I never really pictured myself playing at LSU. I took a couple trips there for junior day and I went to a camp there. But that's all."

With 14 players on the roster from Louisiana, how is that a helpful thing to you and others?

"It's a great thing to have so many guys from back home," Harris said. "They understand you. To have some guys to feel comfortable around is very good."

How many players on the LSU team do you know?

"I know probably the whole LSU team to be honest," Harris said. "Just guys I grew up around, played pickup basketball with and stuff like that. It adds a lot of fuel to the game. I want to beat them all. On the field, we're not friends, but after the game we get back to being buddy-buddies."

Outside linebacker Dwayne Eugene is a senior from Marrero (La.) Archbishop Rummel.

He has 29 tackles, 5 1/2 tackles for loss and 2 1/2 sacks with six starts in nine games this season.

He wasn't offered by LSU and he admits that is on his mind for this game.

"Yes sir, it's definitely a motivational factor," Eugene said. "That's with every team we play that I didn't get an offer from. It just gives me something to go out and prove."

Also being a senior, this will be your last time to play LSU. Is that also a motivating factor?

"Definitely there's extra motivation," Eugene said. "Being it's my last time to play LSU, I want to go out on top with a victory. This game means a lot to me."

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