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October 15, 2018
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Police Log, 12-03-17

This article was published December 3, 2017 at 5:00 a.m.

City Arrests:

• Cori D. Rodgers, 34, of 654 W. First, was arrested on Nov. 30 for possession of a firearm by certain persons, possession of marijuana, and driving on a suspended license. While on routine patrol in the area of North West Avenue and 19th, officers reportedly spotted a vehicle traveling north with a missing headlamp. Police said they initiated a traffic stop and smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. They identified the driver as Rodgers and learned that his driver’s license had been suspended. A backpack that was in the back seat contained a handgun and a small jar of marijuana, police said. Rodgers initially denied owning the backpack, but when officers found papers inside that bore his name, he admitted the backpack and the items inside it belonged to him. A passenger in the vehicle was detained and released with no charges, according to a police report.

• Rodney D. Doster, 48, of 317 W. Cook, and David C. Davis, 37, of 618 N. College, were arrested on Nov. 29 for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a Schedule IV narcotic. The El Dorado Police Department’s Criminal Apprehension Division arrested the pair at the West Cook residence.

• Brandi S. Riggins, 31, of 2722 N. College, was arrested on Nov. 28 on warrants for violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law and failure to appear.

• Deanna S. Edwards, 35, of 208 E. 30th, was arrested Nov. 28 on an Arkansas Community Correction warrant for absconding.

• Theotis G. Hildebrand, 53, of 1135 N. Highland Ave., was arrested on Nov. 27 on a warrant for parole violation.

• Hunter C. Hall, 26, of 176 Hall Acres, Alyssa M. Thornton, 27, of 201 Alpha St. were arrested on Nov. 24 for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, possession of Xanax, and shoplifting. Officers responded to a report of a shoplifter at Dollar General, 1523 E. Main, and upon arrival, they spoke with the store manager, who said the suspect, later identified as Hall, was still inside the store and had been placing items inside his shorts. Police made contact with Hall inside the business, and when asked if he had any items on his person that he had not purchased, Hall replied, “Only the things I was going to pay for.” Police informed Hall that he committed shoplifting when he concealed the items. They took Hall into custody, and during a search incident to arrest, police found a toothbrush, toothpaste, lanyard and koozie on his person. After escorting Hall from the business, police conducted a further search and found an “improvised spoon” that is commonly used for consume narcotics. The store manager told police that Thornton had been shopping with Hall. When asked if she had taken anything from the store, Thornton removed a candle and bottle of body spray from her purse, police said. She was then taken into custody for shoplifting. Officers used a police dog to conduct an “open-air sniff” of Hall’s truck on the parking lot, and police said the dog alerted to the driver’s door. During a search of the vehicle, police found methamphetamine, marijuana, a Xanax pill, two syringes, two metal spoons with narcotic residue, two lighters, several plastic baggies, “improvised tweeters,” and a smoking pipe.

• Alvin Hampton, 40, of 305 Pelham, was arrested on Nov. 22 on warrants for parole violation and enforcement of fines. Hampton was being held in the Union County Jail on unrelated charges when the arrest warrants were served.

City Reports:

• A woman told police on Nov. 30 that someone fraudulently used her identity to open three accounts. She said all of the accounts were delinquent, with a total balance of $2,753.33. The woman said the accounts bore a Little Rock address, and she learned of the fraud after being contacted by several credit agencies.

• Police received a report on Nov. 30 that someone used a credit card belonging to the El Dorado Service League and made $7,651.99 worth of unauthorized charges.

• A woman told police on Nov. 29 that someone broke into her vehicle at her residence in the 600 block of Nolia and stole a handgun.

• On Nov. 28, a man reported a burglary at his residence in the 500 block of North Parkway. He said a TV was stolen, and there were drops of blood on the floor next to the center where the TV had been.

• A Hot Springs Village woman told police on Nov. 28 that someone entered her vehicle at the Arkansas Welcome Center, 3315 Junction City Road, and stole her wallet, which contained $80 cash, two debit cards, two credit cards, a Social Security card, and Medicaid card. The woman said she later noticed an unauthorized charge of $53.06 on one of the credit cards, noting that the charge was made in Oklahoma.

• A woman told police on Nov. 27 that someone broke into her residence in the 1600 block of Short East Hillsboro and stole two televisions and a video game system. A possible suspect was identified, according to a police report.

• A man told police on Nov. 27 that someone broke into his residence in the 500 block of Beverly Drive and stole a digital camera.

• A man reported on Nov. 26 the theft of 10 vehicle tires from the backyard of his former residence in the 2300 block of Marilynn. The man said he and his family were moving out of the house, and he noticed the tires missing when he returned to retrieve more of their belongings. He said the suspect(s) also stole the license plates from a car in the yard.

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