Analyzing the Richard Sherman interview


Last night the Seattle Seahawks played an intense game against the San Francisco 49ers to determine who would advance to the Super Bowl to play against the Denver Broncos.

The Seahawks defeated the 49ers 23- 17 thanks to a game-saving play from Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman. Immediately after the game, he was interviewed by Erin Andrews where he yelled and hollered like a “crazy person” about how bad of a player Michael Crabtree is.

Within seconds, social media went into a frenzy about the interview, with many people bashing Sherman for his comments. Let’s take a moment to analyze why some are opposed to his comments and others not.

Those who are not bothered by the interview argue:
• He just finished making a huge play that enabled the Seahawks to keep their lead, resulting in a game win to send his team to the Super Bowl for the second time in the team’s history. Why shouldn’t he be amped up?
• He showed raw emotion, isn’t that what fans like to see?…and more importantly what reporters and producers dream of?
• What’s so wrong with an athlete expressing his true feelings about a player? Don’t fans talk trash about athletes in the “real world” everyday?
• He used no profanity, so what’s the problem?

Viewers who are opposed argue:
• It was a classless and distasteful thing to do.
• It was very unsportsmanlike. Couldn’t he have left that on the field?
• He’s just a uneducated thug or he’s black so it’s expected. (S/N: Sherman graduated second in his high school and graduated with a communications degree from Stanford)
• Millions (or maybe billions) of people are watching this interview, some of which may have looked up to Sherman, shouldn’t he exemplify the characteristics of a role model?

Sherman believed the backlash had a lot to do with his race as he tweeted: “Last night shows that racism is still alive and well… And that’s so sad…. At Least some people respect MLKs dream”

Well one thing is for sure if you weren’t familiar with Richard Sherman before last night, you are now. What are your thoughts on the interview? Is he justified or not?

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