Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Organizers of the Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony, which is scheduled to begin at 5:15 p.m. today, are closely watching the weather, and for now, they’re in “the show must go on” mode.
Mark Givens, executive director of Main Street El Dorado, said there is no Plan B, and if need be, some activities may be postponed.
“There really is no way to move it anywhere. We might be able to delay some things, except (the live broadcast planned by KATV),” Givens said.
He said that as the event’s start time draws closer, organizers will have a better idea of how to proceed.

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  1. We have water day, valentine day, women’s day, earth day and days on different issues. Similarly, has any day been dedicated to the ‘God of fire’, as some religions also worship ‘fire God’. I wish to know which day in the year meant for it.

  2. If we want to celebrate any festival there is need of light because there is a lot people or if there would light problem that would be really trouble for us.

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