How much is your Twitter account worth?

Twitter made its big debut in the stock market world on Thursday closing at $44.90 a share, which according to USA Today, that makes the company’s value at more than $31 billion.

As with any other social network site, it wouldn’t be without you and your posts.

Have you ever wondered how much your account would be worth in money?
If you have, wonder no more as Time has come up with a way to configure just how much your account is worth.

To come up with their calculator, Time used Twitter’s claim of delivering 200 billion Tweets per day and divided that by the company’s $24.9 billion value after the first day of trading. That comes to 12.45 cents “per daily eyeball on the site.” Time then factored in tweets per day, the user’s number of followers and an estimate of how engaged those followers actually are.

Don’t like math? No problem! Just click here!

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