Electric chair possible solution for executions

An Arkansas judge ruled on August 15, 2011 that certain sections of the state’s execution law are unconstitutional. The question revolved around the wide allowance of drugs used in the lethal injections.

Now, some state legislators are considering other options to carry out the death penalty, particularly the electric chair.

In an article on www.myarklamiss.com, Senate judiciary chair Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Benton, says as long as juries hand out death sentences the state should try to carry it out.

“Currently we’re in a pickle, there’s no doubt about that,” Hutchinson says.

He feels the Arkansas Department of Correction could, under his reading of state law, pursue death by electric chair.

“I think that’s what the statute says,” Hutchinson says.

While that’s debated, McDaniel says the state faces three death penalty options; keep it, change it or abolish it.

“I want you to know I will do everything in my power until I leave office to address the death penalty’s legal purpose but I can not tell you how this chapter will play out,” McDaniel says.

Should Arkansas result to using the electric chair again? Or look for a better solution?

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2 Responses to Electric chair possible solution for executions

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    Give credit where it is do. The myarklamiss.com story is a link to KARK in Little Rock.

  2. Admin says:

    I read this information on the website so I sited the website so readers could know exactly where I got my information from. True enough the website got it from KARK. So…According to an KARK article on http://www.myarlamiss.com….

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