Unemployment remains unchanged

According to data released Friday from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Arkansas’s unemployment rate remains at a 7.3 percent for the month of June.

The national unemployment rate is still at a 7.6 percent making Arkansas’ rate a tad bit below the nation’s.

According to an article in Arkansas Business, DWS Communications Director Kimberly Friedman says the state’s percentage was stable due to the employment number declining slightly, shrinking the size of the civilian labor force.

With many people traveling and schools being out for summer, leisure and hospitality jobs accounted for the biggest jump in seasonal employment adding 1,300 jobs since May.

However, government employees lost the most jobs with a decline of 6,000 jobs in one month.

For more information, click on the link to the Arkansas Business article.

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One Response to Unemployment remains unchanged

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    If it stays the same or drops it doesn’t mean more people are working. It simply means that fewer people are receiving UI payments or using the services of the DWS.

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