Seeking local businesses to feature

The El Dorado News-Times is looking for a locally owned business to feature for this Monday’s upcoming paper. We only require that the business has been in operation 40 or more years.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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5 Responses to Seeking local businesses to feature

  1. Keith Owens says:

    What about the South Arkansas Arts Center? I know it’s not a private business, but it is a non-profit business and it is having its 50th anniversary next year.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks, I will check to see if we have already featured them. If not, then I will most certainly give them a call. Also, we will be sure to cover their 50th anniversary!

  3. AFM says:

    Brummett’s BarBQue on the Strong Hwy at Industrial Road. I don’t believe they have been featured.

  4. Admin says:


  5. Admin says:

    Turns out we featured them Dec. 2012. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

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