Hostess makes a return

For 82 years, Hostess has been filling bellies with delicious snacks such as DingDongs, Ho Hos, Donettes and CupCakes amongst others.

In November, the company filed for bankruptcy leaving many people in an uproar about their beloved sweets being taken from the shelves forever.

Fortunately, Metropoulos & Co. decided to buy the rights to Twinkies and other snacks from Hostess earlier this year.

Well, good news Twinkie fans, the Twinkie will be returning to stores on July 15. It will still be $3.99 for a box of 10 twinkies.

Daren Metropoulos, principal of Metropoulos & Co. said the company will sell all of the Hostess and Dolly Madison branded snacks such as Zingers, Donettes, Ho Hos, fruit pies, muffins, CupCakes and DingDongs.

In an article in CNN Money,Metropoulos said, “America wanted Hostess back — they wanted the original.”

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